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The Utterly Unavoidable
July 19, 2018

Jack Jenkins reports that Maria Butina, the alleged Russian agent, not only used the NRA to influence American politics, but also the National Prayer Breakfast. Run by the shadowy “Fellowship,” aka “The Family,” Jenkins says its secretiveness makes it a tempting target for infiltration and exploitation. Jann Bellamy writes about CFI’s lawsuit against CVS over homeopathy, …

Xenu, Murder, and Declining Heaven
July 18, 2018

Is there anything positive in religion? Research shows that some dogmatic atheists are unable to see anything positive in religion. Aside from being a positively wonderful target for your devilish sense of humor, what do you find that is positive in religion? James Well “James” (if that’s your real name), I’m not sure what a …

Physicist Summits Everest for Girls in STEM
July 18, 2018

I interviewed physicist Dr. Melanie Windridge, author of Aurora: In Search of the Northern Lights, last year for a Special Report on the CFI website. No armchair-ridden ivory tower egghead, Windridge is a veteran of days-long treks and wilderness expeditions. Her website features photos of her summits, and her book contains many compelling first-person adventures in Iceland, …

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TAKE ACTION: Congress wants to allow religious discrimination in adoption: tell them NO
July 17, 2018

Earlier this week, the House Appropriations Committee passed legislation that requires states to allow discrimination based on religious beliefs for adoption providers and foster placement agencies. States that uphold anti-discrimination laws will have their child welfare funding slashed.

TAKE ACTION: Save the Supreme Court from Religious Privilege
July 10, 2018

If Judge Kavanaugh’s record is any indication, he will further enable privileged groups who seek to impose their religious views and practices on targeted groups including secularists, atheists, women, LGBTQ individuals, and religious minorities. His Supreme Court term would be disastrous for separation of church and state.

A New Chance for Joy: CFI Kenya’s Impact On One Little Life
July 9, 2018

George Ongere runs CFI’s international branch in Kenya, where one of his primary concerns is protecting children from beliefs about witchcraft. When accused of some kind of sorcery, children are made the scapegoats for others’ bad luck, mistakes, and misfortunes. This situation led George and CFI Kenya to establish the Humanist Orphans Center, dedicated to …

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Kavanaugh’s Record of Advancing Christian Privilege Wrong for Supreme Court
July 10, 2018

The Center for Inquiry today urged caution and vigilance from the Senate as it considers the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court to ensure that he will be a justice who will uphold the rights of all Americans equally, and not use his place on the bench to advance an agenda of …

Center for Inquiry Sues CVS for Fraud Over Sale of Homeopathic Fake Medicine
July 9, 2018

The Center for Inquiry has filed a lawsuit in the District of Columbia on behalf of the general public against drug retailer CVS for consumer fraud over its sale and marketing of useless homeopathic medicines. CFI, an organization advancing reason and science, accused the country’s largest drug retailer of deceiving consumers through its misrepresentation of …

Kennedy’s Exit Could Entrench Religious Privilege and Discrimination, Warns Center for Inquiry
June 27, 2018

The last bulwark against religious privilege and oppression has fallen with the announced retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy, warned the Center for Inquiry today, urging the U.S Senate to ensure that whoever President Trump chooses to replace him will not work to turn back the clock on hard-won civil rights. “Raising another Alito or Gorsuch …