“In God We Trust” Doesn’t Belong in Indiana Schools

Note: this legislation (SB131) was proposed in the Indiana State Senate. As such, only those who reside in the state of Indiana may contact their representatives through the form below. We apologize for any confusion and appreciate the support of our constituents throughout the United States. 

In a gratuitous attempt to fill public schools with Christianity-derived iconography, Indiana Senator Dennis Kruse introduced legislation last week to require that public schools display the national motto, “In God We Trust.” It’s a move straight out of the Project Blitz playbook, which coaches state legislators to write Christian nationalism into state laws across the country. Similar legislation has been considered in twenty-six states. This bill may come up for a vote soon, so if you’re in Indiana, tell your representatives to oppose it. 

  • The current motto only dates back to 1956, when it was established to distinguish the McCarthy-era US from communism’s “goddess atheism.” It was divisive then, and it remains divisive, unlike the US’s original motto, “E Pluribus Unum” – “Out of many, One.”
  • Our public schools must welcome all students – those of any religion and those of none. 25% of Indiana’s population is not affiliated with any religion; this legislation tells them that they are second-class citizens. In addition, it excludes students from minority religions.
  • There is no educational benefit to this legislation. It doesn’t teach students about American history, constitutional government, or religious freedom. All it does it demonstrate exclusion and division.

Make no mistake: Senator Kruse and his fellow theocrats won’t stop at theist messaging in public schools — they’ll use the legislature to push Christian nationalism on Hoosiers as much as possible, stripping rights from the nonreligious, women, the unmarried, the LGBTQ community, and others. You can use our action alert system to tell your Indiana representatives to stop this legislation now. Will you take a moment to help defeat this divisive bill by urging your representatives to oppose it? 

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