Support the Equality Act!

Dear Friend of CFI,

Too many LGBTQ people still live in fear of sex-based discrimination. Despite the existence of federal protections against discrimination, many LGBTQ people are turned away from schools, medical care, adoption agencies, homeless shelters, businesses, and other places of public accommodation. Will you help make our society freer, fairer, and more reasonable by strengthening protections against discrimination?

The Equality Act (S. 788/H.R. 5) was introduced in the Senate by Jeff Merkley and in the House by Representative David Cicilline. It expands protection from discrimination to public spaces and services and publicly-funded programs. Taxpayer dollars should never be used to fund discrimination.

This is especially important in foster care and adoption services. Some foster care and adoption agencies discriminate against LGBTQ children and potential parents. Our child welfare system already struggles to find enough qualified families to raise and support vulnerable children. No child should be turned away from a loving home because they are of the “wrong” sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

In addition, the Equality Act clarifies that sexual orientation and gender identity are included in civil rights protections against sex-based discrimination. This is necessary to ensure that discrimination is unmistakably, comprehensively prohibited. It also ensures that the Supreme Court cannot take away existing protections by too narrowly defining sex as a protected class.

The Equality Act is a popular bill. It has 240 cosponsors in the House and 46 in the Senate. In addition, the Equality Act is endorsed by 325 civil society organizations, dozens of professional associations including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and a coalition of businesses that collectively employ 8.9 million people in all 50 states. These companies know that discrimination is bad for business. Please join this growing coalition by urging your representatives to support this critically important legislation.

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