Time is Short—Tell Connecticut to Repeal Its Religious Vaccine Exemption

Dear Friend,

As you know, Connecticut is among the forty-five states that have unique, dangerous religious exemptions to immunization requirements for school children. These exemptions are an affront to the separation of church and state—no other excuses are accepted by the states for declining to participate in this easy, effective, lifesaving public health measure (medical exemptions for the immunocompromised aren’t an excuse—they’re a valid reason consistent with the public health logic of immunization requirements).

According to the Department of Public Health, COVID-19 had claimed the lives of 3,972 Connecticuters as of June 3. As the United States races to develop a vaccine against COVID-19, we cannot afford to exempt large swaths of the population based on avowedly evidence-free claims.

Although Connecticut’s regular legislative session has ended, lawmakers are considering whether to convene a special session to deal with this ongoing crisis. In a rare show of bipartisanship, former congressional leaders from both sides of the aisle have urged lawmakers to repeal religious exemptions during an upcoming special session. Will you join the voices calling for an end to the special treatment for religion?


Jason Lemieux
Director of Government Affairs
Center for Inquiry

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