October 14, 2015

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In The GuardianMaryan Namazie admonishes what she calls the apologists for radical Islam on the political left:

For those who have bought into the Islamist narrative, there are no social and political movements, class politics, dissenters, women’s rights campaigners, socialists – just homogenised “Muslims” (read Islamists) who face “intimidation” and “discrimination” if an ex-Muslim woman speaks on a university campus. 

Paul Rosenberg at Salon is sick to death of what he sees as the mainstream media’s coddling of science deniers, and cites CFI’s and CSI’s work to change the way the discussion is framed. On the AP’s decision to call climate change deniers “doubters,” he says, “This is, quite simply, wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.” 

Planned Parenthood announces that despite the fact that it already doesn’t profit from its fetal tissue donations, it will now also not even accept reimbursement for its own expenses in doing so. Why do I suspect this won’t change any of the right’s attitudes?

This is not a pairing I expected: Dawkins goes on Trevor Noah’s Daily Show

A teacher in a Mississippi public school allegedly mocked an atheist student as a “fool,” which was a bad move. 

Oregon’s Supreme Court upholds a manslaughter conviction against a faith-healing couple who let their baby son die by refusing him medical attention. 

Pope Francis asks God for forgiveness for “the scandals.” Get busy, God. That’s a lot of forgiving to get through. 

Veronica Chenik Gilmore at Friendly Atheist advocates we seculars adopt the acronym AFHSQ: Atheist, Freethinker, Humanist, Secularist, and Questioning. Ummm…

Steven Novella writes that while it might have some small, unremarkable benefits, the big claims made about whole body vibration therapy (WBVT) are, ahem, shaky. YOU’RE WELCOME FOR THAT ONE.  

At Skeptical InquirerBen Radford reviews the book Why Science Is Wrong…About Almost Everything by Alex Tsakiris, and oof, it’s not looking good for Tsarkiris. 

Thailand bans a horror film with Buddhist monks being un-monk-like because it will “destroy Buddhism.” What a film it must be!

You didn’t think about the chemtrail juice, did you??? 

Jupiter in 4K

Quote of the Day:

I haven’t mentioned the Democrats’ debate yet. (Requisite reminder that we are nonpartisan and not supporting any candidates.) Not much to report as far as CFI’s core issues go, I mean, they didn’t focus enough on the things we work on, but at least no one said God told them to be president or anything.

Anyhoo, I don’t think it’s violating any IRS codes if I say here that Lincoln Chafee didn’t fare so well. And by that I mean he did very, very, very badly. For some reason, at one point, Chris Cillizza posted this GIF of Chafee sipping from a mug, and the Quote of the Day is the captioning of said GIF by Peter Sagal, below:



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