Don’t Get Atheism in the Soup!

October 24, 2013

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What time is it? Is it still morning, technically? Well, it is somewhere — specifically on the West Coast, an alien land to the Morning Heretic, who awakens to find himself in Tacoma for the start of the CFI Summit! And what do you know, here’s an awesome piece on the Summit by Steve Maynard at the News Tribune

That’s not all, of course. At Newsday, there’s coverage of CFI’s opposition to the use of a public library on Long Island for the commercial promotion of a fake psychic. 

And! And! CFI-DC announced that February 1, 2014 is the date for the next African Americans for Humanism regional conference!

As if that weren’t enough, you can say goodbye to the rickety, 1990s Geocities-looking website of the Council for Secular Humanism, as the site gets a badly-needed overhaul

Sarah Pulliam Bailey notes how Hollywood is going Bible-crazy

Pew posts 5 handy-dandy facts about atheists. The more you know. 

Pope Francis fires the “luxury Bishop” for misusing church funds. Jeez, can you imagine what a high bar that must have been to clear? 

Andrew Sullivan looks to his Favorite Pope Ever, Francis, and sees in him evidence of “the decline and fall of Christianism“:

The Catholic hierarchy has been knocked sideways by the emergence of Pope Francis and his eschewal of their fixation on homosexuality, contraception and abortion. That fixation – essentially a Christianist and de facto Republican alliance among Protestants and Catholic leaders – has now been rendered a far lower priority than, say, preaching the Gospel or serving the poor and the sick. Francis has also endorsed secularism as the proper modern context for religious faith. 

Gizmodo tracks humanity’s progress toward achieving true cyborg-hood

Peter Hess at NCSE looks back at the words of Pope John Paul II to look at the moral aspect of climate change:

In the context of this 35th anniversary of Pope John Paul II’s pontificate, it is important for all of us―whether of any religious tradition or of none―to think about our responsibility for the state of the biosphere in which we have evolved. 

Don’t let atheist volunteer at this South Carolina soup kitchen, ’cause they’d be a “disservice to the community.” You know, you wouldn’t want to accidentally get atheism in the soup

Simon Brown at AU reminds us that Josh DuBois’s little nuggets of biblical wisdom sent to the president every day were your tax dollars at work

Herb Silverman says atheists are gaining ground in the culture wars, as “we are evolving into a country where deeds are more important than creeds.” 

Get this: Research shows that having a “supernatural” experience makes you more likely to cough up cash to a church. Really.

Research from Dan Kahan at Yale shows that Tea Party allegiance correlates with science comprehension in a “trivially small” way. Politico, of course, says, “Eureka! Tea partiers know science.” 

A network of phone psychics gets punked. Imagine if an army of prank-calling puppets had mustered their forces! You can’t read the mind of a puppet!!!

Let me just ask this, because it’s getting to be a thing: Is Salon now singularly devoted to posting pieces that diss Sam Harris

Quote of the Day

An atheist viciously attacks a pastor, and Hemant lends perspective:

Will people use this incident to say awful things about atheists? Yes, and they’re wrong to generalize, and we’ll deal with that later. But here’s another, more important, question worth asking: Can we do anything to help? 

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