The Common Enemies of Humanity

October 25, 2016


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Holy crap everybody, CSICon 2016 is just a couple of days away, and I may or may not be freaking out. You’ll have to just wonder.

Thomas Larson at the UK magazine Church and State explores nontheistic nomenclature, in particular the choice to identify or not identify by the word “atheist.” CFI’s Tom Flynn gets a quick mention and a video of one of his talks is included. There’s some great stuff with RNS’s atheist-beat reporter Kimberly Winston, who says “many religion reporters … say that the main job hazard is a loss of faith.” I bet! Oh, and this was notable:

To be clear, Winston asks interviewees how they describe themselves, faith-wise. If the atheist self-identifies, she asks “How did you get there?” Amazed, Winston says, seven out of ten times, she hears that Richard Dawkins was the cause. Losing one’s religion is a de-conversion, she says; being de-converted by a Dawkins’ book is also a textual conversion, not unlike St. Augustine’s was with the Bible.

Two scientists from Laval University in Quebec, detecting “modulations” from a clump of 234 stars, are publishing a paper that says, I’m not kidding, that the signals are “probably from Extraterrestrial Intelligence.” That seems like, you know, a pretty big claim.

Cats! They’re not just for memes, but, according to Abigail Tucker, the guest on Point of Inquiry, they have more or less been domesticating us dumb humans for thousands of years. Good on them.

Catherine Dunphy grapples with the revelation that Teresa MacBain, a fellow Clergy Project alumnus, has gone back to Christianity, bringing in the context of her falsifications:

Teresa had always identified herself as a Duke grad. I like many others, was confused by her motivation to fabricate credentials that were not necessary for her membership in the Clergy Project. Seeing her web of untruths collapse, I and, others were hurt when confronted by her proclivity for duplicity. …

Unfortunately I am not surprised she has taken this route. I, and a few others thought she would claim belief again – but we anticipated it happening shortly after her public reproach in the New York Times, when it seemed that she could no longer profit from the atheist community. That said, being proven right about someone doesn’t always make you feel good. In this case, it sickens me.

NYT has a major multimedia feature on the impact of climate change on China.

Steven Salzberg separates the flu treatments that do work from those that are crap (pretty much everything you can buy off a Rite-Aid shelf).

Nicholas Kristof, looking into the rift among evangelicals, sees light at the end of the Trump tunnel:

As many prominent evangelicals renounce Trump, the secular response should be to applaud that courage in hopes that this is a turning point, and that people of good will, regardless of where they stand on the faith spectrum, can begin to move from fighting one another to tackling the common enemies of humanity that plague us all.

A feature from Skeptical Inquirer by Craig A. Foster, Christopher K, McClernon, and Richard F. Reich investigate the health claims of Phiten, which sells titanium-infused necklaces that allegedly “help maximize your potential energy and strength.”

An amendment to the next defense authorization bill by Rep. Steve Russell would exempt religious groups with government contracts from civil rights law AND the Americans with Disabilities Act, effectively snuffing out the executive order that bars anti-LGBT discrimination. Apart from being morally abysmal, it may also upend Congress. We really want you to help us #RejectRussell.

Herb Silverman contrasts Trump’s understanding of religion and religious freedom with Thomas Jefferson’s, which, come on, is like comparing my basketball skills with LeBron James. (I am very awkward and short, you see.)

GOP Texas State House Member: Vote against my opponent because she is an atheist.

Ryan Moore at VICE reports on how Alcoholics Anonymous is accused of booting nonbelievers from its groups in Canada, as atheists seek to nix the God-stuff from the program.

Samantha Bee goes after Catholic hospitals. I think I will enjoy this.

Deepak Chopra says that his critics (like us, who, you know, don’t just make stuff up) are “frozen in the ’60s or ’70s.” He also says, “Stress is the No.1 epidemic of our time, and it’s an addictive behavior.” I’d feel a lot less stress if he’d go away.

Hey, alt-med is a waste of money, but it doesn’t have to waste THAT much, amirite? Here are some ways to save some cash/game the system so you can buy your useless-I-mean-natural treatments.

Quote of the Day

Bobby Scott
, on the Russell Amendment:

The Russell language would open the entire federal procurement process to taxpayer funded religious discrimination. The language turns the Civil Rights Act of 1964 on its head by undermining fundamental fairness and equal opportunity in the workplace. The funding of our nation’s critical defense needs should not be held hostage to coerce the passage of taxpayer funded discrimination.

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