A cinnamon bun, a bagel, and a pretzel

October 4, 2016


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Today’s Morning Heretic is Stef McGraw. I don’t know where Paul is, so I’m guessing that he’s so excited for tonight’s vice presidential debate that he took the day off to celebrate.

…which is why I won’t be the one to tell Paul that research indicates the VP debate will have little to no effect on actual voting in November.

Remember the Secular Rescue fund that CFI launched last week for International Blasphemy Rights Day? So far we’ve raised $32,343 to help protect the lives of those facing danger simply for speaking their minds about religion, politics, and other social issues. That’s really incredible!

The Washington Post has a cool piece highlighting Manu Prakash, scientist and MacArthur Fellow, and his views on the accessibility of science:

“The ownership of science is not driven by us,” he says. “Community members care about engaging other people in science as much as we do.” To draw in as many community members as possible, he keeps costs a top consideration. “I grew up in India, so it matters a lot to me,” he explains. “The goal is not to just demonstrate that something is possible, but also to demonstrate that with minimal resources, it can be available to the broadest group of people.”

And further putting science accessibility into action are three Nobel Prize in Physics winners whose work could impact the future of quantum computing; they explained their research using some unorthodox examples:

Their research centers on topology, a branch of mathematics involving step-wise changes like making a series of holes in an object. The difficult-to-grasp concept was illustrated by Nobel Committee member Thors Hans Hansson at a news conference using a cinnamon bun, a bagel and a pretzel.

I never expected reading about physics to make me hungry, but here we are.

The Guardian reports that, thanks to climate change, our planet is now the hottest it’s been in 115,000 years. I know I’m supposed to be mad, but as a resident of Buffalo, New York, I can’t quite make myself care as much as I should.

The Onion crunched the numbers, and your chances of getting into Heaven are looking good.

The Wall Street Journal has a cutely-titled article, “From Nuns to ‘Nones,’” which highlights a book about how young people aren’t as into organized religion as older generations.

Making a splash over at Friendly Atheist is an interview with atheist, Biblical scholar, and Trump supporter Robert Price. The next time you think no one gets you, just think about the atheist Biblical scholar Trump supporter.

Quote of the Day

Alright, I’ll take climate change seriously. Here’s former NASA climate scientist James Hansen on the reality of climate change and the potential political and legal action he would like to see:

The science is crystal clear, we have to phase out emissions over the next few decades… That won’t happen without substantial actions by Congress and the executive branch and that’s not happening so we need the courts to apply pressure, as they did with civil rights.

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