The Kim Davis/Mark Wahlberg Equation

October 5, 2015


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The mob-killing of Mohammed Ikhlaq, the man in India who was suspected of slaughtering a cow, gets uglier. David Barstow and Suhasini Raj at NYT report that the activist group largely responsible for the attack, “Save the Cow,” is made up of political operatives for Prime Minister Modi’s Hindu nationalist party. Oh, and this makes us all feel much better:

“It was not our intention to kill him,” said Vichitra Kumar Tomar, a leader of Save the Cow who was not among those charged. “Our intention was to punish him, to slap him or beat him. Just a few slaps. But not to leave him dead.” 

You know Joe Nickell loved writing this: The Shroud of Turin is still fake.

Longreads rounds up some pieces on the secular pursuit of spirituality, or something like it. 

The Vatican gives the axe to a priest who came out as gay just before the big bishops’ synod. Classy. 

Even classier: Alabama uses an old law, intended to allow counties to opt out of issuing marriage licenses to mixed-race couples, to let them out of issuing same-sex marriage licenses.  

David Bornstein at NYT looks at the work of, with a nod to the case of Raif Badawi, and a quote from Free Inquiry contributor Faisal Saeed al-Mutar.

I just discovered this odd thing on Facebook: Lizard People of New York

Jeffrey Tayler at Salon says folks need to stop obsessing about every Twitter utterance of Richard Dawkins, and instead focus on his monumental achievements in science and the mainstreaming of atheism. “Unfollow him on Twitter if you must.”

Neil deGrasse Tyson at home. Sort of. 

“Why must you wear that vest?” 

Quote of the Day:

Peter Manseau at NYT is unimpressed by the backpedaling of the Vatican over the pope’s secret meeting with Kim Davis:

“Not to put too fine a point on it,” the Jesuit author James Martin quipped, “but Pope Francis also met Mark Wahlberg, and that does not mean that he liked ‘Ted.’ ”

Yet if in this analogy Mark Wahlberg is Kim Davis, and “Ted” is Ms. Davis’s refusal to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, it’s entirely possible that Pope Francis did like “Ted.” His past behavior suggests that he may have liked “Ted” a lot.   

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