A Machine That Has Yet to be Built

October 9, 2015

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So you may have heard that the House of Representatives is more of a mess than usual, unable to find itself a Speaker. (Does that make the House “speechless”?) Anyway, along with the wreckage he’s leaving behind, John Boehner is also leaving behind a bill to reauthorize the DC school voucher law, which of course uses taxpayer money to fund private and religious schools. We have an action alert out so you can shout at your Members of Congress. Thwarting our efforts, however, is a bipartisan group of senators, who are trying to reauthorize the bill from the upper chamber. UGH! 

Here’s a cool sentence I’m about to write: The United Church of Bacon is crowdfunding its way to buying Penn Jillette’s Las Vegas home (called “The Slammer”) so it can turn it into a giant atheist community center.

UCSB sociology professor Mark Juergensmeyer cancels a speech on religious freedom at Brigham Young University after learning that students who leave the Mormon faith are kicked out of school, saying:

Universities are meant to encourage free inquiry. To sully that with the kind of intimidation this provides, it’s inappropriate for an institution of higher education. 

Jon Gabrell at the AP says the stampedes during the hajj at Mecca are now the deadliest on record, with almost 1500 people killed. 

Ugly anti-Muslim marches are planned for this weekend, under the abysmal title of “Global Rally for Humanity,” and spurred at least in part by Muslim-hating, gun-loving dudebro John Ritzheimer.  

The Telegraph reports on the new hit list against Bangladeshi bloggers, this one aimed at targets outside the US. 

In South Africa, the Dutch Reformed Church votes to ordain gay ministers and bless same-sex marriages

An Arizona homeopath is ordered to appear before Florida’s state’s medical board after a toddler under her care dies, whom she was treating for cancer. 

Creflo Dollar, the super-rich pastor with no self-awareness who wanted his flock to buy him a jet, tweets, “Jesus bled and died for us so that we can lay claim to the promise of financial prosperity.” Sounds legit.

ESPN, which I am told is a television channel dealing largely in games of sport, will have a special on its Outside the Lines show today at 1:30pm EST about NFL player Arian Foster and his coming-out as an atheist.

Laurence Krauss, writing at The New Yorker, explains the big deal about little neutrinos:

In the standard model of particle physics, developed throughout the last fifty years of the twentieth century—the model which has correctly described every other observation that has been made in particle accelerators and other experiments, and which represents perhaps the greatest intellectual adventure that science has ever seen—neutrinos have to be massless. The discovery of a massive neutrino, therefore, tells us that something is missing. The standard model cannot be complete. There is new physics remaining to be discovered, perhaps at the Large Hadron Collider, or by means of another machine that has yet to be built. 

Quote of the Day:

Oh, hey, eBible Fellowship. Um, like, what day was it yesterday?

Since it is now October 8th it is now obvious that we were incorrect regarding the world’s ending on the 7th. 

Cool, cool. Well, you can’t win ’em all. So, like, what’s your Plan B, like, since the world didn’t end? 

Our answer has always been: we intend to keep reading and studying the Bible! Going back to the Word of God seeking truth is plan b, c, d, e, and every other option as well. 

Okay, well, you take care. Let us know if, like, we’re doomed. Again. 

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