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November 24, 2015

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Yesterday, CFI joined with the Richard Dawkins Foundation to tell the FTC to use its authority to stop the false advertising of homeopathic products. Or, as we put it elsewhere, tell them to put a cork in it. 

Millennials get a bad rap, most of the time. Not this time! 40 percent of them anyway are earning that bad rap, saying that the government should be able to outlaw speech that might be offensive to some minority groups. Just to be clear, a society having standards about what is and is not acceptable, and distiniguishing between criticism and explicit encitements to violence are in one category. The government deciding that something that is perceived as offensive is therefore illegal is very much in another.

The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty is saying the CFI is trying to shut down the Christian prisoner rehab providers in Florida with our lawsuit. That is wrong, and our legal director Nick Little pulls no punches in explaining why they are so very wrong.

I have never seen the political establishment press be this concerned about the tsunami of lies being told by presidential candidates before. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they’re calling lies for what they are, but it’s not like this is new to this campaign cycle. Trump has really gotten to these people.

A secret cabal of Illuminati and lizard people have conspired to bring you this Point of Inquiry episode on paranoia with David Laporte…or that’s what they want you to believe. 

At Skeptical Inquirer, Stuart Vyse shows how the field of psychology is getting muddied with pseudoscience, specifically with alt-med.

Ali Rizvi showcases the social media wave of ex-Muslims saying why they left the faith. 

Matt Ridley at The Australian says the terror of ISIS and others is a “last spasm” before a downfall:

In 50 years’ time, we may look back on this period and wonder how we failed to notice that Islam was about to lose market share, not to other religions, but to humanism. 

A Russian court boots the Church of Scientology out of Moscow, which they say doesn’t qualify as a religion, per se, but as a U.S. trademark. No one to root for here! 

The “Ahmed’s clock” saga gets weirder. Apparently the kid was ganged up on by police and officials to compel him to sign some kind of confession, and now the family wants $15,000,000.

People got mad at CNN for asking this mayor if she was afraid of the Muslims in her town, but it’s not CNN who had some explaining to do.

Internist Dr. John Byrne tells Psychology Today, “The harm [of homeopathy] is that belief in nonsense leads people away from life-saving care.” 

Some states are allowing pharmacists to prescribe birth control, without the need for a physician’s go-ahead. 

“They are the ones being bullied, they insist.” Guess who

Carly Fiorina, who, I think it’s important to point out, will never be president, says “people of faith make better leaders” and that she thinks “it’s important that we elect a leader of faith and that we elect a leader, as well, who knows that more prayer, not less, is necessary in public life and in all our lives.” But the zinger award goes to Hemant:

She then proceeded to fire everyone else on stage. (I assume.) 

Staks Rosch says accepting refugees into the country is “the godless thing to do.” 

The American Academy of Family Physicians recommends a lot of crap alt-med for chronic pain management. Harriet Hall is disappointed.  

Before you worry about the threat of ISIS or Syrian refugees to your own person, make sure your furniture is stable, and don’t get into a car, ever. 

Christopher Hitchens is now the atheist Tupac. I expect a hologram of Hitchens to appear at the next atheist conference.

Quote of the Day:

Google’s doodle honors the discovery of Lucy, the ape ancestor who helped us understand much more about our own species’ origins. T
he QOTD is a GIF:


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