Mars Has Been Observed to Be Round

November 30, 2017

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While nothing should surprise us anymore, plenty of things should still make us sick to our stomachs. It’s kind of why Roy Moore exists in the first place. For example, ThinkProgress found the course material for a 2011 class on “Law and Government” co-authored by Moore, in which students are instructed that women should not be allowed to hold public office, and maybe shouldn’t vote either.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop, lying to its readers, says, “In most countries outside the United States, homeopathics are the first line of defense against ailment.” Only if the ailment is bullshit deficiency. And we already have Twitter.

Last year, British MP Jo Cox was murdered by an ISIS-aligned [correction] a right-wing maniac. Her widowed husband, Brian Cox, writes at The Guardian that Trump has crossed a serious line by sharing the anti-Muslim propaganda of Britain First and created a dangerous environment:

His track record shows is that this isn’t a mistake, it’s a strategy. The impact of this strategy is to legitimise those driven by hatred. It makes them think that their views are mainstream, when in fact they are not – and makes those already driven by hatred more likely to act on it. 

British PM Theresa May, Trump’s hand-holding buddy around stairs, said of the propaganda sharing, “It is wrong for the President to have done this.”

Jennifer Williams at Vox, a Muslim herself, notes the stark contrast between Trump’s casual anti-Muslim bigotry and the efforts (at least rhetorical efforts) of Presidents Bush and Obama to make certain Muslims did not feel ostracized.

Trump is also now promoting a conspiracy theory about the death of a young woman in 2001 who at the time worked for then-Rep. Joe Scarborough. She was determined to have suffered from heart problems that caused her to pass out in the office and hit her head on a desk. Trump, however, is not satisfied, because something-something Matt Lauer. “Investigate!” he bellows.

A woman who believed that being fingerprinted for work would brand her with the mark of the devil is awarded unemployment compensation, as a court declares her refusal to be fingerprinted to be a constitutionally protected practice of her religion. 

Jeremiah Johnston, president of something called the Christian Thinkers Society (meetings must be pretty short I’M SORRY IT WAS SO EASY) says, “If there is no God, then there really is no humanity. If there is no God, there are no moral absolutes, no standard by which we can identify and judge evil.” Well that explains Trump, then.

Scott Gavura at Science-Based Medicine posted a piece titled “Go ahead, have that coffee,” so I didn’t bother reading the article, and instead just had more coffee. I mean he said to right there.

Stephen Woodford and Rachel Oates release a 24-minute video on how atheists can deal with grief and death.

The Nazi-next-door (they’re just like us!) recently profiled by the New York Times says he has been fired from his job and forced to move out of his house. Gosh, I just…I just feel terrible! That poor Nazi! 

The Washington Post further investigates the Project Veritas dumbass scheme to trick them into publishing a made-up story about Roy Moore, finding that this single attempt is part of a larger strategy going back months. 

Kelsey Dallas at Deseret News looks at the worldwide phenomenon of blasphemy laws and the crackdown on dissent.

Cairo police raid a small independent movie theater for showing the banned film The Nile Hilton Incident, which is critical of, well, law enforcement. 

That’s no Yeti sample, according to DNA analysis, it’s eight bears and a dog. Hold on, hold on, this is better if set up like a joke. Ahem. So, eight bears and a dog walk into a bar. The bartender says, “Hey I didn’t know bears kept dogs for pets!” And one of the bears says, “We’ve told him we’re not abominable snowmen, yeti keeps following us!”

Get it?

Oh, god, I feel really bad about that now. Like I needed to add to my Star-Wars-opening-scroll-like list of regrets.  

Snopes tells the heart-warming holiday tale that is the history of the war on Christmas

Quote of the Day:

Elon Musk wryly asks on Twitter why there is no “Flat Mars Society.” The Flat Earth Society, obviously blind to irony, responded:

Hi Elon, thanks for the question. Unlike the Earth, Mars has been observed to be round. We hope you have a fa
ntastic day! 

Now how would we determine the nature of a “day” in Elon’s “fantastic day”? Would the disc of the Earth spin like a record, or does it flip like a pancake? 

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