And Now to Deliver the Opening Invocation, Darth Maul

December 11, 2014

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Yesterday we put out a press release about the joint statement by Fellows of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry asking the media to stop using the word “skeptic” to describe science deniers like Sen. James Inhofe. And I guess some folks saw it, because we got coverage in ThinkProgressNational JournalSalonUPIRaw StoryAlbany Times-Union, and more. So that’s good!

Good for Google, for honoring she of the spectral classification system of stars, as they do a doodle for Annie Jump Cannon (who has perhaps the greatest name of any human ever). 

The Ken Ham Noah’s Ark thing in Kentucky will not, in fact, get taxpayer funding. Our friends at Americans United win the Internet with this

Ted Cruz calls support of school vouchers (for private and religious schools) “the most compelling civil rights issue of the 21st century.” Dude needs to read the news a bit more thoroughly, I’d say.

David Marcus at The Federalist has a list of things atheists get wrong about religion, and funnily enough, it’s mostly wrong. 

The wicked-smart religious studies scholar Stephen Prothero has a new book coming on “why liberals win” the culture wars, and there’s video of him giving a talk on said subject, which I will be checking out. 

Humanist kids in Berlin get their own day-off holiday

After the mayor and councilmembers walked out on a Lake Worth atheist’s opening invocation, another atheists now wants to give a satanic invocation. Come on, no Sith?

Studies of the 67P comet by Rosetta show that comets may not really be the origin of water on Earth, at least exclusively. 

A toddler in Melbourne dies, and four other kids get sick, from drinking raw milk. But it’s natural, I thought.

Phil Zuckerman offers thoughts on why irreligion is on the rise

The CDC says that baby boys should totally get circumcised. Hmph. 

Dan Barker does The Daily Show. And there it is. 

It’s Busytown in the 21st century. Poor Lowly Worm. 

Quote of the Day

Joanna Rothkopf at Salon, concluding her article on our denier/skeptic statement:


Damn right, boom. 

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