The Ones That Are Doing the Nonsense

December 12, 2014

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Our big joint statement on the misuse of the word “skeptic” when it’s applied to climate change deniers continues to generate coverage, including at GristInquisitr, the NCSE blog, and a stone-cold dissing from WSJ’s link roundup guy James Taranto:

[W]hat these experts don’t seem to realize is that their definition of “denial” describes the behavior of global warmists to a T. 

“Global warmists”? Anyway, this is the same guy who, after the Aurora mass shooting, said, “I hope the girls whose boyfriends died to save them were worthy of the sacrifice.” So. 

CFI Legal Director Nick Little explains Kentucky’s decision not to financially assist the Ark theme park thing:

Declining to fund an organization that will refuse to hire those who do not share the extreme fundamentalist religious views as Answers in Genesis, and that exists solely to indoctrinate people into its anti-scientific views, is not discrimination. Instead it is the constitutionally mandated duty of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. 

Greenpeace completely blows it, places a giant ad (in English) next to the ancient Nazca lines hummingbird carving in Peru, sullies the place with footprints and other damage that experts say will last ages. Greenpeace totally owns up to its totally crap stunt at least.

Editor of the Jakarta Post defends himself in the midst of blasphemy charges for publishing a cartoon critical of ISIS. 

A bar manager in Burma is arrested for “insulting religion” (blasphemy) for having a Facebook ad that features a humorous depiction of Buddha.

Pope Fluffy tells a sad little boy that pets do in fact go to heaven. I assume they pay indulgences in fetched newspapers.

Catholic bishops are calling for an end to the use of fossil fuels. Wow, that’s actually great. 

Fire up the Occupy human megaphone, because a new study shows that moralizing religion may be the result of the emergence of the 1%

Ghanian Evangelist leader Lawrence Tetteh: “Today if you go to the churches, the ones that are doing the nonsense are the ones whose churches are packed.” Really. (h/t Brian Pellot)

Anita Le, an MSW Candidate from California State University is conducting a research project that will help with understanding the possible challenges lesbian, gay or bisexual atheists face when having a parent who is religious. If you identify as such and you’re over 18, she’d appreciate you taking this anonymous survey. CFI has nothing to do with it, but she asked if we’d let you know about it.

Here’s an argument over the physics of Santa Claus.  

This placemat warps space-time

Even the combined power of bacon and a psychic could not turn up a lost dog. 

CFI’s own web guy Matt Licata issues an unofficial action alert against Venom (the evil Spider-Man thing).  

Quote of the Day

Secretary of State John Kerry in Lima at the UN climate summit:

Measured against the array of global threats that we face today – and there are many – terrorism, extremism, epidemics, poverty, nuclear proliferation – all challenges that know no borders – climate change absolutely ranks up there equal with all of them,” said Kerry, who has attended every UN climate summit since they began 20 years ago. … I challenge anyone who has thought about the science or listened – actually listened carefully to national security experts tell us that these dangers are real – I challenge them to show us otherwise.

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