To the End of the World

December 22, 2015


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Our boss Ron Lindsay was on a HuffPost Live panel yesterday along with Hemant Mehta, Annabelle Gurwitch, and Jonathan D’Elia, talking about the secularization of Christmas. Point of Inquiry’s Josh Zepps was host.

The AP reports on the efforts of a coalition of groups, which includes CFI, urging the State Department to help Bangladeshi freethinkers who fear for their lives. Don’t forget you can donate to CFI’s Freethought Emergency Fund here to lend a hand. 

Ed Brayton praises the Know Your Neighbor campaign, which CFI helped launch at the White House last week:

Human interaction, getting to know people and recognizing your common humanity, is the only thing that has ever really been successful in promoting equality and peaceful coexistence.

California man who says he would follow Trump “to the end of the world” is arrested for allegedly making explosives in order to harm Muslims.  

Consumer Reports would like you to know that their experts checked, and yes, homeopathy is bunk. Don’t forget, homeopathy may soon be blacklisted by the UK’s NHS.

At the Boston Globe, Stephen Kinzer tells us that folks in the U.S. are in way, way, way less danger from foreign threats than we are usually led to believe. 

CFI On Campus’s affiliate of the week is the Illini Secular Student Alliance

The European Court of Human Rights says Switzerland is under no obligation to recognize the religious marriage of two Afghan kids who are there for asylum, and who are also first cousins. 

Franklin Graham, who scares me more and more all the time, has quit the GOP because they allowed Congress to pass a budget with Planned Parenthood funding in it, because you see Planned Parenthood is like the Nazis. 

Kimberly Winston, in explaining what he Star of Bethlehem actually was, says that it was not the Death Star exploding. Oh, like she was there.

Corporal punishment advocates Michael and Debi Pearl, whose methods have been linked to the deaths of children, have a special public prayer request: That their critics, including secularists, be killed by God.

Jeremy Corbyn is totally not an atheist

Tom Boggioni at Raw Story rounds up some atheist wins from 2015

This is the best obituary I’ve ever seen.  

Richard Dawkins is so metal

Quote of the Day:

This is truly impressive: Elon Musk’s SpaceX successfully launches and then lands — vertically — its Falcon 9 rocket. So our quote of the day is footage of the achievement:

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