You Might As Well Just Hibernate

December 23, 2014

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I spoke to Buffalo Business First about our offer to Sony to screen The Interview, where I said, “We fight for free expression usually in the context of political or religious dissidents, but if we’re going to fight it over there, we’re going to fight for free expression over here too.” That mostly made sense I think. 

North Korea’s Internet goes down. I think it was running off a single 9-volt, so they just need to replace that thing. 

Greta Christina is the guest on Point of Inquiry, talking about coping with death without God. 

Bill Maher gives his commencement speech at Berkeley, and it’s rather upbeat. “Come on, this is Berkeley, I think I can speak freely here. At least I hope I can.” 

Chris Stedman enlists some notable nonbelievers, such as CFI’s Michael De Dora and Ed Beck, to round up some of 2014’s most important atheism stories

About 73% of you heathens will be giving Christmas and holiday gifts this week, according to a new poll. I know I am, and I am now broker than ever. 

It’s one thing to be an atheist during the Christmas season, but to also be an anti-consumerist? You might as well just hibernate. 

Today in Utica, NY, folks will gather in front of the local fire station’s “Happy Birthday Jesus” sign and put up a Festivus Pole. I wonder what grievances they will air. 

Cecil Adams weighs in on the Bigfoot question, making the important point that for the species to thrive, there’d need to be a heck of a lot of them

A court in Australia rules that homeopaths peddling “vaccines” can be penalized for being big fat lying liar-heads. Meanwhile, a homeopathy “magnate” is booted out of Quebec’s Order of Pharmacists.

Quote of the Day

David Carr laments the cascade of capitulations after the Sony hack:

Once the film was successfully censored, you could count the days until other films were affected. Actually, it happened earlier in the same day, before “The Interview” was shelved, when New Regency announced that it would drop an untitled thriller about North Korea that was to have starred Steve Carell.

The threats and subsequent cancellation will become a nightmare with a very long tail. Now that cultural discourse has become the subject of online blackmail, it is hard to imagine where it will end. Documentaries, which have become increasingly important sources of news and information, could suddenly be in jeopardy. … The movie industry will look back at this crossing of the Rubicon with a deep sense of shame.

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