Don’t Fetch Coffee for the Devil

December 4, 2012

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As we told you yesterday, CFI has had its Indiana case, which challenged the religious privilege in the solemnizing of marriages, dismissed. Well, folks noticed.

Indianapolis Star talks to CFI-Indiana’s Reba Boyd Wooden about the case. Indiana Lawyer talks to me.

Also, AP and Indiana Public Radio

Reba posted a comment to yesterday’s Heresy that I think bears re-airing:

What really upsets me is the number of atheists and even our own CFI-Indiana members who don’t see the point of our lawsuit and say that we could just go online and get ordained as a minister or just go to a civil official. Of course , we already know that and am tired of being told that over and over. Folks, this case has wider implications. It in the big picture is standing up for equal rights for nonbelievers. Ken Falk started working on the appeal to the 7th Circuit yesterday. I signed my agreement to continue to be a plaintiff on the appeal. It will be 6 months or more before we know the outcome of this. We need your support. Post your point of view on blogs and news articles. Explain the importance of this to other people. 

Indre Viskontas talks to Samuel Arbesman about the “Half-Life of Facts” on the latest episode of Point of Inquiry

On CFI’s Center Stage podcast, to coincide with the memorial service held on December 1, we present again the first episode of Center Stage“What Is Secular Humanism?” with the late Paul Kurtz

CFI’s Michael De Dora happily points to three very positive developments for the cause of free expression. 

Michael Tracey at Friendly Atheist muses on the “worship” of Ron Paul, which is surprisingly favorable. (Last year, I wrote about how Ron Paul is like a stopped clock for progressives, and how progressives have fixated on those two or so times he’s ever been right.)

Massimo Pigliucci comes to CFI-DC this Sunday to get all Aristotelian. 

The Sunday after that, join CFI-NYC for some holiday songifying, and drive Tom Flynn insane. 

In an episode of The Simpsons, the devil asks God to make him some coffee. As a result, the Turkish government fines a TV channel for airing such ugly blasphemy. 

By the way, that totally reminds me of Radiskull and Devil Doll from a million years ago. “Is it boiling hot???”

Matthew A. Kacar Jr. interviews skeptic musician Damon Martin for Skeptical Inquirer

Scouts in the UK looking at possibly being cool with atheists.  

I feel like we keep saying goodbye to the Voyager probes as they always seem to be just on the verge of leaving the Solar System. Well, Voyager 1 is leaving again, this time hitting the “magnetic highway.” 

Roger Cohen at NYT on what he sees as the false dichotomy between “secular” and “Islamist” states

Task force in Tennessee can’t seem to figure out how to make school vouchers work without, you know, violating lots of foundational principles.

Polish atheist billboard has some riled up, saying, “Do Not Kill, Do Not Steal, Do Not Believe.” 

Start your conspiracy engines! The governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, has disappeared!!! Sort of! 

Folks in Denver still talking about the UFOs that were really bugs

Kyle Hill at SciAm pokes more holes in the “Heaven is Real” near-death experience stuff:

. . . the near death experience, not dependent on death, only points to an ever interesting and complex human brain, nothing more. 

James Croft plugs the new CFI store, neglects the awesome Morning Heresy mug. The Morning Heretic does not forget.  

Sharon Hill’s first sentence in a piece about autism hearings in Congress:

Holy cow! Congress holds a hearing into the Federal Response to Rising Rates of Autism and it turns into a bullshit session about a vaccine-autism link.  

The British Humanist Association sends us this video, part 2 of their intro to humanism, focusing on the BHA.   

Don’t forget, the Pope is on Twitter now, as @Pontifex. Anything you want to tell him? 

Quote of the Day    

West Point cadet Blake Page resigns from the academy, and here’s why:

. . . the tipping point of my decision to resign was the realization that countless officers here and throughout the military are guilty of blatantly violating the oaths they swore to defend the Constitution. These men and women are criminals, complicit in light of day defiance of the Uniform Code of Military Justice through unconstitutional proselytism, discrimination against the non-religious and establishing formal policies to reward, encourage and even at times require sectarian religious participation. These transgressions are nearly always committed in the name of fundamentalist evangelical Christianity.   

Linking to a story or webpage does not imply endorsement by Paul or CFI. Not every use of quotation marks is ironic or sarcastic, but it often is. 

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