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December 5, 2012

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Ron Lindsay joined a great panel discussion at HuffPost Live on the question of how God can be “perfect” and allow for so much suffering. Definitely check it out

New Gallup uber-survey says 69% of Americans are moderately or very religious, happens to coincide with publication of new book by Gallup’s Frank Newport, God is Alive and Well, which seems more than a little hung up on contradicting the New Atheists. David Sessions at Daily Beast says this data means that secularization is being exaggerated.

CFI’s lawsuit in Indiana over secular marriage rights hits the Washington Post, from RNS’s Kimberly Winston. Also coverage at Raw Story.

Ed Brayton calls the ruling “a long series of straw man arguments,” adding, “This whole ruling is garbage.” 

From our Office of Public Policy: CFI joins AHA in asking the IRS to actually take action against politicking churches. 

CSI’s Ben Radford struggles with finding a practical code of ethics for scientists. 

Greta Christina updates us on her illness and recovery, while her disembodied head addresses Skepticon 5.  

The secular group at my graduate alma mater, George Washington University, does quality atheist propaganda.  

At the CFI on Campus blog, Seth Kurtenbach plays chess….WITH GOD. 

New survey: While only 31% of Britons definitely believe in God, 49% think there’s probably an afterlife

UN chief Ban Ki-moon: Enough with the global warming denying. Time is running out.  

Kevin Drum on how the results of a PPP poll show that the tide of misinformation is affecting the electorate. Or that’s what ACORN wants you to think!!! 

The messy business over a production of Charlie Brown’s Christmas being performed at a church for public school kids is put to rest. Kids who would have gotten out of school: “Rats.” 

The inner-lives of atheists are being sociologically surveyed.   

Skeptic Ireland21 signs you’re jaded as a skeptic. Let’s see, I match numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11, 14 (a lot), and 18. 

PZ’s tip on making a creationist’s brain explode: Mention feathered dinosaurs

CFI-Portland celebrates its DARKTOLIGHT event with the humanist musical BANG! 

NCSE says an Indiana anti-evolution bill is “mutating” so that rather than mandate the teaching of creationism, students are allowed (encouraged?) to challenge the truth of evolution when presented by their teachers…which, I’m pretty sure they can already do. 

So like I said, the Pope’s on Twitter. Here’s what WaPo reports people are tweeting at him: “Who would win a fight between Jesus and Wolverine?” Some can’t believe how mean people are being to the poor guy. The Pope, not Wolverine.

Right wing congressman owns a Subway franchise, Muslim couple claims they were denied service at said franchise. Hilarity ensues. (No it doesn’t.) 

Wow. Miami-Dade Commission outright votes to start praying at meetings

Shorthand scratchings of Roger Williams (an early champion of church-state separation) are decrypted by Brown University students. Among the findings? Williams was not so cool with the baptisms of Native Americans.

Aspergers no longer to be considered an official diagnosis by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Psychiatric Disorders. 

Kickstarter successfully funds ghost-detecting iPhone app. Yeah. 

Manu Joseph at NYT on India’s struggle with what it means to be a “secular” nation:

When India decided that it was “secular,” what it really meant, without spelling it out, was that Hindus, who make up the majority of the nation, would have to accommodate themselves to the ways of other religions, even if this meant taking some cultural blows.  

Lede of the Day, from the soon-to-be-defunct The Daily:

Sam Mullet, the renegade Amish bishop convicted on federal hate crime charges for his role in a series of beard-cutting attacks last year, has earned an unlikely nickname in prison. Among his fellow inmates at Northern Ohio Correctional Center, the towering 67-year-old with wire-rimmed glasses, pudding-bowl haircut and retro facial hair is known simply as “O.G.” 

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