Relieve Stress in Rats

December 9, 2015


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Yesterday, we announced that Brian Engler has been elected the newest member of CFI’s Board of Directors. Brian is a really good guy, and we are very lucky to have him. 

German chancellor Angela Merkel is named Time‘s Person of the Year

Bill de Blasio will sign into law a bill allocating almost $20 million in public funds for private and religious schools to hire security guards “to protect students in private and religious schools against bias attacks, school shootings and other forms of violence.”

A Kim-Davis-lite in Colorado hangs a passive-aggressive poster about the Biblical definition of marriage in the county clerk’s office.

Sarah Posner considers Trump as self-styled messiah:

Trump has smashed the religious right’s formula for presidential primaries into little bits. For several decades, the religious right has imposed a strict litmus test: oppose abortion, oppose same-sex marriage, tell your salvation story, talk about your biblical worldview, the Christian nation, the shining city on the hill. Donald Trump doesn’t have a salvation story. He is, in his mind, the savior, The Art of the Deal his scripture, and “make America great again” his testimony.  

Neil J. Young (not the singer, please note the middle initial) traces Ben Carson’s religious politics to Francis Schaeffer, perhaps the founding “thinker” of the religious right:

In his sermons and writings, Schaeffer characterized the history of western civilization as a struggle between Christianity and secular humanism, a war that played out in the mystical realm between two competing ideas. … Schaeffer brought the cosmological struggle out of the mystical realm and into the real world of politics where evangelicals could battle against humanists to win control of the nation and thereby preserve Christianity. Secular humanism would always be with us, Schaeffer explained, but it could be constrained by defeating secular humanists at the ballot box. If America’s Christians did not become involved in politics, they risked watching their nation turn into godless Europe, where secular progressives had replaced Christianity with socialism. 

Kylie Sturgess interviews immunization expert Julie Leask about new Australian laws that take away several benefits to parents who don’t vaccinate their kids. 

Harriet Hall is set to offer a free online video course on science-based medicine

UK’s The Week wants, I think, to conclude that acupuncture is bunk, but can’t quite allow itself to go all the way. Why?

A group of researchers led by Ladan Eshkevari, PhD, at Georgetown University Medical Centre, published results earlier this year claiming to have found evidence that acupuncture can relieve stress in rats 

Oh, well then. 

Nessie sightings are way up this year

This guy 3D-printed the skeleton of Bigfoot. Based on…some things?

Quote of the Day:

Like Time‘s Person of the Year, the Heresy‘s Quote of the Day is not necessarily an “honor.” Example: One of my state’s senators, Susan Collins, a Republican who has criticized Trump’s anti-Muslim remarks, was asked if she’ll support Trump if he’s the nominee

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