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January 13, 2015

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It’s Raif Badawi‘s birthday. I can’t imagine this is how he’d like to spend it. To remind him, and the world, that he’s not forgotten, we’re sending this image around the inter-social-twit-book-net.

Charlie Hebdo shows off the cover of its next issue, which will have a print run of about 3 million, and yes, it’s got the prophet.

On Point of Inquiry this week, Josh Zepps talks to Jytte Klausen, the woman who literally wrote the book on the infamous “Danish cartoons,” but who wasn’t allowed to actually show the cartoons in her book. (This is also the episode where Josh coins the term “OPEC of Freedom.”)

Our friends at Forecast the Facts is still helping us to get the word to the media about not referring to climate change deniers as skeptics. You can add your name to their petition

Rebecca Ruiz at Mashable tells the story of the last time the U.S. Congress rejected women’s right to vote, January 12, 1915. (I mean, we wouldn’t want the American man to become a mollycoddle before his time, eh?) 

Mike Huckabee hawks biblical cancer cures to his email list. Hey, these politician-celebrity-guru schemes don’t pay for themselves. 

Two legislators in Mississippi, a Democrat and a Republican, want the Bible to be the official state book. They must have already known about the magic cancer cure hidden inside it. 

Now, what about Bible cookies? Do they have the anti-cancer magic? 

Sen. Ted Cruz now chairs the Senate Subcommittee on Space, Science and Competitiveness. Greeeeaaaat.

Same-sex marriages are now good to go in Vietnam

Joe Nickell has a review of his many, many, many activities during 2014.  

Ben Radford talks about the notion of hypnotist-thievery on the Paul Harris radio show, and answers questions about his book for the New Mexico Mercury

All Muslims are responsible for the Paris attacks, and parts of England are now off-limits to non-Muslims. If someone from Fox News said it…well… 

In the 19th century, many folks believed that the waters of Niagara Falls would cure them of maladies. Lucky for you, that’s right near CFI HQ, so you can cure yourself when you come to the Reason for Change conference! (Or, you know, just look at the falls.) 

Pope Fluffy says it’s cool if moms breastfeed in public. What a radical! 

Quote of the Day

Stephen Fry on how the Paris attackers accomplished nothing for their own cause:

I cannot be sure exactly how many people since the murders have seen one or more of the Charlie Hebdo cartoons that ‘insult’ Islam or mock its prophet but I should imagine the number is now in the tens of millions. Had the brothers stayed their bloody hands it would have been 60,000 at the very most. Mohammed must be very cross indeed that his two cretinous representatives have spread the ‘insults’ so unimaginably far and wide. If Said and Cherif Kouachi had had a grain of sense in their terminally moronic heads they could have foreseen that their actions would create secular martyrs, propagate those images they so disliked and increase yet again reasonable people’s dislike of the faith they claimed (rightly or wrongly) to represent. … In this breast at least arises even more, as if that were possible, contempt for the dumb, semi-literate, ill-founded, unreasoned drivel that forms the basis of their juvenile, crazed and self-defeating actions.    

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