We Need Some Icons

January 23, 2018


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Crazy morning, schools delayed, kids needing things, iced over vehicles, etc. This will be short.

TIES’ Bertha Vazquez was honored last month with the National Association of Biology Teachers’ Evolution Education Award. On their Facebook page, they give her well-deserved praise, saying, “Ms. Bertha Vazquez’s passion and energy continue to inspire her students, her fellow teachers, and our community.”  

Our Reasonable Talk web series has Keven Folta’s presentation at CSICon on genetic engineering (and its discontents). 

A student in Charsadda, Pakistan gets in trouble for skipping classes, so he murders his professor, accusing him of blasphemy. 

Mike Pence addresses the Israeli Knesset, and says, hey guys, we Americans really get you:

In the story of the Jews, we’ve always seen the story of America. It is the story of an exodus, a journey from persecution to freedom, a story that shows the power of faith and the promise of hope.

A Satanist in Missouri is going to court today to defend what she calls her religious right to get an abortion. NBC News reports, “She contends the state’s informed consent law, which required her to wait 72 hours before having an abortion in May 2015, violated her religious beliefs.”

Motherboard profiles naturopathy’s whistleblower Britt Marie Hermes

Yoga? Fine. Hot yoga? Don’t bother.  

Quote of the Day

Rosie the Riveter, the real one, has died. Naomi Parker Fraley was most likely the inspiration for what had been an anti-unionizing propaganda poster, but was later coopted as a feminist symbol, and a good thing too. Here’s what Fraley said in 2016:

The women of this country these days need some icons. If they think I’m one, I’m happy.

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