Absurd Premise; Didn’t Read

January 24, 2018


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So…there’s this:

A jury found body broker Arthur Rathburn guilty on Monday of illegally renting out diseased human body parts and heads to unwitting doctors. … For the grisly scheme, Rathburn dismembered cadavers with a chainsaw, band saw, and reciprocating saw. He haphazardly piled parts and heads—flesh on flesh—amid pools of blood and shipped them wrapped in trash bags in camping coolers. … All the while, the pair hid the fact that they often bought diseased bodies at bargain rates and made thousands renting individual parts that they knew to be contaminated with HIV, hepatitis, and other diseases. 

Not really sure where to go from there.

Here’s something. A Russian publication, Republic, reports on our Secular Rescue program, linking back to the big piece about it in The Atlantic. The Republic article is behind a paywall…and, you know, in Russian, but that part is what Google is for:

After a series of resonant murders, the non-governmental organization Center for Inquiry (CFI), based in the United States, launched an emergency assistance project for atheists facing a life threat. It helps to leave the country and get settled abroad. For several years, with the help of this project, several dozen people were saved, as well as their families. 

“Resonant murders.” That’s actually pretty spot-on.

CNN reports on the efforts of a high school student, Kaylee Cole, to stop the overt proselytization in her public school. It’s no small thing, because Webster Parish, Louisiana sounds like a little Gilead:

Their faith is so deeply personal, but it’s also interwoven with everything in the town. There’s no easy answer for where God’s law ends and the law of the land begins. … Some people have told the Coles they should just move out of town. They say they’ll pray for Kaylee. 

Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council WHO WILL NEVER AGE AND NEVER KNOW DEATH, says Trump gets a do-over for all of the horrible, immoral, unethical, craven, vengeful, adulterous, treacherous things he’s done because Barack Obama.

The headline at Cincinnati.com reads, “Is Cincinnati’s streetcar cursed? Here’s what Bible scholar, psychic have to say.” WHY. I need a new internet-friendly abbreviation for this kind of thing: ap;dr (absurd premise; didn’t read).

250 climate scientists, appearing as holograms beamed out of a dome-headed droid (that part’s not true): Help us, Justin Trudeau, you’re our only hope

KFC and one of its franchisees go to court when the owner of the franchises is forbidden from advertising that his restaurants offer halal meat. KFC used to allow this, and then changed its tune, and won the court case.

Simon Maloy preempts commentary on The Shape of Water:

[extremely Degrasse Tyson voice] water can not have a shape, unless it is ice, the movie should be called “Ice Movie” 

Ursula K. Le Guin has died at age 88

Quote of the Day

Teachers, do NOT lie to this kid about Columbus or anything else: 

You said something wrong and I can’t listen when I hear lies. My mom said the only Christopher we acknowledge is Wallace. Because Columbus didn’t find our country the Indians did. … I want you to not teach me lies.

The teacher writes that she is “very disappointed” to which the kid writes, “OK.” Damon Young at The Root praises “his totally not-bothered-at-all response to his teacher’s disappointment. Which, with apologies to his earlier burn, is now the single best response to white tears ever.” (I also love Young’s line, “Because there’s nothing blacker than carrying and whipping out your receipts.”)

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