I Experimented with Atheism, But I Didn’t Inhale

January 29, 2015

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You know who’s huge on Twitter? The new King of Saudi Arabia. You know who’d like to control exactly what you’re allowed to say on Twitter? Etc. 

Wow, there’s a bill in Oklahoma that would make the issuing of marriage licenses an exclusive power of clergy, meaning no more nonreligious marriages. (I presume that those that are married already shall keep as they are.)

Lawrence Krauss on how the world should be responding to the Hebdo attacks:

[W]e need to encourage even ridicule of the sacred Qur’an in the public media. The more frequently and openly this appears, the less threatening it will seem, and the more acceptable it will be for believers to actually intellectually engage rather than emotionally and violently act.

At my little blog, I explain why being freaked out about death in the future is not the same as worrying about whether you were alive in the distant past. 

Ben Radford writes at Discovery News about the fall of Oz, and is a guest on The Humanist Hour podcast

David Koepsell expands on his critique of decades-too-long copyright, in the context of free-speech absolutism. 

Andrew Sullivan calls it quits, and the Andrew Sullivan of atheism, Hemant Mehta, reacts:

I’ve learned a ton from him over the years just by watching him go independent (and remain financially stable), shut off comments (while still giving readers a chance to contribute to the conversation), give voice to those who disagree with him, change his mind publicly on a variety of things, put his emotions into writing even if he may later regret it, and cultivate a staff that can seamlessly run the site even when he’s on a break. None of that is easy to do, and he’s done it brilliantly. I know my own style has been influenced by his work moreso than just about any blogger out there.  

Former CFI-er Austin Dacey wonders how we sort through the “religious freedom” mess wrought by the Hobby Lobby decision. 

Americans are a muddle of differing views on evolution, the Universe, and science in general, such that a new report dubs a new sub-group: “Post-Seculars.” 

Anti-vax science denialism didn’t start with Wakefield and McCarthy. Go back 100 years with Phil Edwards at Vox.  

Quartz surveys the religious beliefs of European heads-of-state, including the odd atheist here and there. 

Meanwhile, Peter Guthrie at WBUR looks at Americans’ aversion to an atheist president: “[E]ven marijuana smokers and politicians who have had extramarital affairs are viewed more favorably than nonbelievers.” I’m gonna bet there’s some heavy overlap there, though. 

Johnny Depp versus chupacabra. Hmm. Does he have the scissor-hands? 

Nessie will be the heart of a big tourism campaign for Scotland

Bryan Fischer is fired by the American Family Association for his nasty attitude toward Jews, as the AFA underwrites a GOP trip to Israel. 

“God is eternal, but kickoff is at noon.” 

Quote of the Day

Deepak Chopra’s left cheek (this is not a typo on my part):

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