A Syringe Full of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down

January 6, 2015

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You know, I thought a lot of 2015 would be dull until the presidential primary clown show got started, but I feel like today I’ve been given a little gift: Louie Gohmert is running for Speaker of the House. Sam Brodey at Mother Jones rounds up some of the crazy things he believes, including the equation of gays and Nazis, that Sandy Hook might have been a hoax, and the best: “terror babies.” 

Pregnant in the U.S.? Side effects may include vomiting, loss of autonomy, and incarceration. (Hat tip to Nora for that one.) On Point of Inquiry, Lindsay Beyerstein interviews activist Lynn Paltrow

Steve Neumann takes to the Daily Beast to bemoan “in-your-face atheism,” and would like us to try to be more lovable. Guys, how much more lovable can I possibly be??? 

I no longer have to talk about the Reason for Change conference as if it is next year, for now it is this year’s conference! We just posted a bit about three of the speakers, the finest in apostates and heretics

David Gorski says AAAS and Science have ‘sold their soul’ by allowing an editorial ad in their journal for an alt-med company.

New York Times‘ Room for Debate section does a big panel on the ups and downs of conspiracy theories.  

“You are the Christ! Oh, the great Jesus Christ! Prove to me that you’re no fool: Walk across my swimming pool.” Herod’s palace is unveiled to the public, the place where Jesus is supposed to have been tried.  

Pew checks in on the religious makeup of Congress, and among the findings is that there is one, yes just one, “religiously unaffiliated” (cough-cough), Kyrsten Sinema, despite the “nones” being 20% of the U.S. population. 

Another “religious freedom” bill, aka a license to discriminate, is in the works in Indiana

Five members of the Word of Faith Fellowship Church in North Carolina are indicted for kidnapping and assaulting a young gay man in a kind of conversion-exorcism attack. 

Clerks in 14 Florida counties who don’t want to have to issue marriage licenses to gay couples take their ball and go home. 

When I’m in pain, I want a syringe full of sugar injected into me. Wait. 

Meanwhile, also in questionable medical procedures, more and more people are turning to hyperbaric oxygen chambers as an autism treatment.  

The reality-based community pushes back against changes to West Virginia’s science standards that do not allow teaching that humans might have something of a hand in climate change.

CFI-DC’s Simon Davis talks to NYT’s obituary writer Margalit Fox about churning out lots of copy about dead people. 

Foundation Beyond Belief announces its latest slate of charities

Watch a UFO poop out a smaller UFO

This is a couple of months old, but I just discovered it, and thought I’d share. Rex Huppke on Twitter:

Sen. Ted Cruz says net neutrality is “Obamacare for the Internet.” He also calls sandwiches “meat Benghazis” and science “fact tyranny.” 

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