Insult the Hell Out of Me

January 8, 2015


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US News spoke to Ron Lindsay about the attack on Charlie Hebdo yesterday, as did the Kingkade and Breakenridge radio show, which you can find here, picking January 7 and 10am from the menu. The Los Angeles News Group’s syndicated editorial mentions Free Inquiry‘s willingness to run the “Danish cartoons.” Our response was also covered in Variety, of all places.

The magazine itself, Charlie Hebdowill publish next week. “We are all suffering, with grief, with fear, but we will do it anyway because stupidity will not win.” 

There is an enormous amount of content and commentary around the attacks and their meaning, so I’ll simply provide you with Andrew Sullivan’s roundup and Vox‘s explainer on what the publication is all about and why it makes so many people in power upset. Here are some really encouraging photos of how people around the world responded.

Ron takes to the Huffington Post to rebut the idea in the infamous video passed around by Troy University’s chancellor that atheism will cause moral decay. “Chancellor Hawkins’s message reveals more about him than it does about atheism.”

The 2nd Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals upholds New York state’s vaccination requirement for public schools.

Guantanamo has to stop using female guards with five 9/11 defendants.  

Carlos Celdran, the performance artist who was convicted of hurting religious feelings in the Philippines, has his appeal rejected, and he’s now appealing to the pope himself.

The state of Washington can bring a consumer protection lawsuit against the Richland florists who refuse to sell to gay couples. 

A transgender woman is refused access to the Western Wall in Jerusalem. 

Jann Bellamy surveys the state of naturopaths and acupuncturists efforts with state legislatures. 

Always on top of what’s important, the GOP House gets set to pass a 20-week abortion ban

Star Talk is going to be on the tee-vee

Mr. Speaker, here to deliver the State of the Universe, is Ethan Siegel. 

FFRF runs a full page ad about “atheists in foxholes” in USA Today‘s “Year in Defense” issue. 

I wonder if artificial safety contains toxins. 

Actors are narcissists. As a professional actor, I submit: YOU DON’T SAY. 

Quote of the Day


Today, in the spirit of #JeSuisCharlie, insult the hell out of Me.

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