2005 Uri Geller:  Michael Jackson’s career comeback to be “most dramatic ever seen in showbiz”

June 30, 2009

In a 2005 interview published in London’s   Daily Telegraph , 1970s spoon-bending psychic / magician / alleged fraud Uri Geller spoke of his confidence that his friend Michael Jackson would soon make the greatest comeback of his career: "I’m quietly proud of my part in relaunching Michael’s career. This comeback of his is going to be the most dramatic ever seen in showbiz…. In fact, the only thing that could beat this would be for Elvis to come back from the dead."

As I wrote in my January / February 2006 "Skeptical Inquiree" column "Geller Revisited," "So stay tuned for the earth-shaking resurrection of either Elvis Presley, or Michael Jackson’s career." I hate to be churlish about anyone’s death, but it seems fair to point out that Geller’s precognitive psychic abilities are apparently as lame as his mental cutlery bending skills…

Keep going, Uri! You’ll be right one of these days!