Marry Your Mop

February 17, 2015

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Another day, and another response from CFI to violence and murder over expression and religion, this time in Copenhagen and Libya:

It is a deeply troubling commentary that so much blood is being shed because a tiny minority of extremists has decided that they cannot countenance having their ideas challenged in any form, be it in writing, in sketches, or even in the very existence of people who simply believe differently. To resort to violence and murder is to declare oneself incapable of rising to that challenge. It is a confession of the weakness of one’s position that it must be defended with bullets instead of words.

Flemming Rose at The Guardian worries about the muzzling effect these attacks will have on criticism of religion:

The erosion of the crucial distinction between words and deeds – between an image that some may find offensive and actual violence – has created a climate in which “blasphemers” are required to bear responsibility for violent attacks subsequently directed against them.

Graeme Wood at The Atlantic takes a deep dive into the religious objectives of ISIS.

The UK’s Foreign Office looks to begin a “#freedomtobelieve” campaign.

This is some good stuff: We just posted a Skeptical Inquirer cover story from a few months ago by Harriet Hall, “44 Doctor-Bashing Arguments …and Their Rebuttals.” Check it.

A New Jersey superior court judge last week declared gay-conversion therapy to be a consumer fraud.

Canadian health officials call out parents who aren’t vaccinating their kids, but what about the fraudulent “homeopathic vaccines” they allow to be peddled?

Meanwhile, the Toronto Star walks back its reporting on vaccines, in which it gave credence to the anti-vax position.

Birmingham, Alabama street preacher Cedric Hatcher, railing against all the gay he sees around him:

You’re gonna be able to marry your dog; you’re gonna be able to marry your cat; you’re gonna be able to marry your snake; you’re gonna be able to marry your rat, the roaches. Some of you been with the roaches so long you might as well gonna marry the roach, he been around the house so long. You’re gonna be able to marry your broom, your mop. Ain’t we going crazy in this world, ya’ll?

My broom has been pretty good to me, I have to say, but my mop? Tramp.

The Food Babe will protest you if you sell products with these certain chemicals. Oh, but she can sell them herself. That’s cool. Mark Aaron Alsip says:

Rather than debate the safety issue with her, however, why not just ask her: if these additive are so dangerous, why does she sell so many products that contain them?  It’s hard to find an item on the Food Babe shopping page that doesn’t contain something she says is harmful.

Coastal Carolina University’s paper The Chanticleer introduces its readers to African Americans for Humanism.

Cari Romm looks at how neuroscientists enlist magicians to help them understand how the brain works.

Tonight, CFI-L.A.’s Jim Underdown will join Harriet Hall and “Science Babe” Yvette Guinevere on the Thinking Atheist podcast.

Sens. Susan Collins and Jeanne Shaheen introduce a bill to ban discrimination in jury selection against LGBT Americans.

Cherry Teresa looks at the pointlessness of belief in karma. (And really, Shirley MacLaine? The Holocaust victims were paying for past sins? Really??)

Quote of the Day 

My 5-year-old son last night, because it makes me seem like an amazingly good parent:

Daddy, can I please, please, pleeeease watch Cosmos???

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