The Neurons in the Corpus Credulous

February 26, 2013

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Robert Evans at Reuters reports that the Human Rights Council at the UN gets a report from IHEU (collaborating with CFI) on the persecution of atheists around the world, and the criminalization of blasphemy.

University of Michigan student Monica Harmsen writes at the On Campus blog about how important the Women in Secularism conferences are to her:

I returned to my student group with a renewed passion for the Movement. I was keenly aware that there was so much left to do in order to make this country and this world a better place for nonbelievers, especially nonbelieving women and minorities. I wanted to become the kind of student leader who would make proud the secular women who came before me. I wanted to become the kind of activist who would help create a better world for the secular women to come. 

You can help more students like Monica attend the conference by dropping some currency into the Women in Secularism travel grant fund.

Registration for Camp Inquiry 2013 is open! The theme this year: Reality Unplugged. 

The White House declares all federally-funded scientific research results be made free to the public within a year.  

CFI-DC soldier Simon Davis is fighting forced religious indoctrination in Greek public schools, and despite the education ministry clarifying that students can exempt themselves from religious services, not everyone is listening:

Principal Kanias is now publicly referring to the eighth grade student as “Judas” and still marking him absent every time he does not attend religious studies class. Despite the fact that not complying with ministry policy is a disciplinary offense, there has been no indication that any official action is being taken to require Kanias to comply. 

Security expert Bruce Schneier details how one might “hack” the papal election. I was just asking for a friend. 

And I assume you’re playing Papal March Madness at RNS, choosing among the “Sweet Sistine.”

Kylie Sturgess interviews Daniel Loxton (author of my three-year-old son’s favorite book, Ankylosaur Attack) about the skeptical movement on Token Skeptic.

The Wiccans have caused something to happen that I once thought impossible: They got the odious Tucker Carlson to apologize for something. Maybe they do have magic powers. 

Sarah Posner covers the Berlinerblau/Zuckerman debate on atheist political activism from the Secularism on the Edge conference. 

“Wizard” in Moscow is being held for possibly murdering three women who came to him for “karma cleansing.” 

Move over, Nessie. Here comes Morag, the monster of Loch Morar. 

The Australian has a handy guide to the best places to find UFOs

NCSE: Anti-science bills go belly-up in Arizona and Oklahoma

Advice columnist Carolyn Hax tackles the problem of a religious-atheist coupling in trouble. 

The Humanist interviews persecuted Indian skeptic Sanal Edamaruku (whose case is highlighted in CFI’s Campaign for Free Expression). Says Edamaruku:

History shows that most people in India are ready to tolerate others’ religions, to live and work peacefully together. But religious conflicts have always been created to play politics, and there’s no strong political will to end this old game as politicians of all parties prefer to reap its fruits. In short, the blasphemy law encourages abuse. I 

Atheist WWE wrestler declares himself to be God. I’m already sorry I linked to this. 

Quote of the Day

Steve Bogira at the Chicago Reader takes the NYT to task for uncritical reporting of unsubstantiated scientific claims:

Whenever a newspaper runs a story with such alluring claims, it fires up the neurons in the corpus credulous, the area of the brain that controls e-mailing. 

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