Natural Born Zodiac Killer

February 26, 2016

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I’m still reeling from that GOP debate last night. I mean, holy buhjeezus what a spectacle. I just. I just don’t even know. 

Oh wait, yes I do. Right after the debate, Trump speculated that the IRS was auditing him because “I’m a strong Christian.” He really said that! Relatedly, Ben Radford is about to release a new book, Bad Clowns. SEE WHAT I DID THERE

Okay, real stuff. The U.S. Commission on International Religious Liberty pleased us very much yesterday when they released a statement marking one year since the murder of Avijit Roy:

USCIRF urges the Bangladeshi government to take steps to eliminate religious discrimination and diminish religious and communal tensions and the climate of violence and impunity directed at secular bloggers and religious minorities. The Commission also urges the U.S. government to provide humanitarian parole for a limited number of Bangladeshi writers at imminent risk of being assassinated by extremist groups. 

Avijit’s stepdaughter Trisha Ahmed writes at CNN:

By dying for his cause, he gained worldwide attention to the oppression and murder of scientific thought in Bangladesh — a country that claims to be governed by secular principles. 

And CNN looks back at the tragedy, and speaks with Bonya Ahmed. She is such a remarkable person.

38% of Florida voters are at least on the fence as to whether Ted Cruz is the Zodiac killer. Yes, but can his birth certificate prove he’s a natural-born Zodiac killer?  

Kyle Jaeger at Attn: (which is a new outlet to me) looks at the utter lack of atheist representation in Congress and the larger political stigma that still exists for nonbelievers.

Pew takes a look at the religious makeup of the Super Tuesday electorate, and notably 13% of the GOP electorate are nones. 25% for the Democrats, but that number varies widely from state to state, like 10% Dem nones in Alabama, and 50% in Vermont.

An Indiana state senate committee passes an abortion restriction bill that would ban abortions due to genetic disabilities and require that any aborted fetus be either cremated or interred. 

Looks like the Conspira-Sea cruise attracted quite a few journos, including Anna Merlan at Jezebel who had quite an adventure

I hadn’t seen this before, but for a while now The Toast has been doing a series on religious converts of various kinds, which started with one-time atheist Leah Libresco. 

Al Gore takes to Medium to reassure us that we can solve the climate crisis. I do not share his optimism, but it’s nice all the same. 

Atheist Darren Garvin delivers a sermon to a United Methodist Church in Tacoma, Washington. 

Quote of the Day:

Gov. John Kasich, to Wolf Blitzer, at the debate last night:

Wolf! Take control!

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