We Never Really Notice Air

February 26, 2018


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Scott “Destroyer of Worlds” Pruitt tells the Christian Broadcasting Network that he’s literally doing God’s work:

The biblical world view with respect to these [environmental] issues is that we have a responsibility to manage and cultivate, harvest the natural resources that we’ve been blessed with to truly bless our fellow mankind. 

Trump gives a Twitter boost to one Wayne Dupree, a conspiracy theorist radio host who has promoted the “Sandy Hook hoax” lie. 

In an op-ed about how, I dunno, everyone but him is wrong about Lent or something (it doesn’t matter), Father Peter Kavanaugh says, “The Richard Dawkins Foundation believes it has found the solution to hunger.” And I’m like, what? We do? Like, could we, like, enact that solution now? 

Deirdre Olsen at Salon looks at the weaponization of internet memes, and how “the concept of the meme has transcended [Richard] Dawkins’ initial conception.” 

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, an association of moderate Baptists, says it is lifting its ban on hiring LGBT people. However, they must “practice a traditional Christian sexual ethic of celibacy in singleness or faithfulness in marriage between a woman and a man.” `I’m sure they’ll be lining up for the jobs. 

The city of Paris may really be making good on this whole fix-the-climate thing, as some political leaders push to have a 5.2 square mile forest “built” near the city.

New Science-Based Medicine contributor Joel A. Harrison takes the San Diego Union-Tribune to task for giving “equal time” on its opinion pages to an anti-vax piece by one Terry Roark, which Harrison says is “full of inaccuracies, falsehoods, and misrepresentations, cultivating readers to form an opinion that is invalid.” 

Julia Belluz explains that the Trump administration is in no way prepared to take on the zombie apocalypse or any other unknown epidemic, with funding having been slashed from foreign aid and health agencies here in the U.S. 

It used to be illegal in New Jersey for the Catholic Church to sell headstones. Then Gov. Christie and the Democratic legislature passed a law saying that actually it is okay, and a judge has just affirmed that law

A Kurzgesagt In a Nutshell video explains why homeopathy is complete crap, using bubbly cartoons.

An exhibit of the late artist Ellsworth Kelly (an atheist) at the University of Texas at Austin is a $23-million structure, a “chapel” of sorts for all comers.

Joey from Friends is on that show about cars where that big mean guy got fired for hitting people and he’s going looking for Bigfoot. Joey is.

Barak Lurie at The Daily Caller says, “God is like air: We never really notice air. But take it away, and you’ll soon be thinking about pretty much nothing else.” Kind of like my phone. Whoa that’s heavy. 

Gary Neitzel of MUFON says this is a good reason to believe in aliens visiting Earth:

They were reported in the middle ages, in ancient times, and you can see different paintings that have what looks like could be UFOs in them. 

And we all know that everything reported in the middle ages was true. 

Michael Lacona, a theology professor in Houston, tells an audience, as reported by The Courier, “If atheism is true then sometime the stars will die out, and nothing of human life will have value.”

Right. And?  

Quote of the Day

Seb Gorka has proven the existence of God

If you ever had a doubt that God exists, guess what? November the 8th all the proof you need. Why? Because [Clinton] had it all, she had the media, she spent $1.4 billion on a seat, on a position, she thought was owed to her because of her gender and her last name, but she lost!

I’ll give him this: It does sometimes feel a little like some astoundingly vicious superbeing intervened into that election. I was thinking more like Q or Thanos, but sure, God’ll do.

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