They Want Us to Swallow It

February 2, 2016


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Last night, the people of Iowa decided who the next president will be, and nothing that happens from here on out matters whatsoever. Trump has been revealed as a flash in the pan, Clinton can’t possibly recover from having narrowly won, and third-place Marco Rubio is the next Obama. Or that’s what I glean from Twitter, and really, what else is there. Man, it’s too bad there aren’t any more primaries after this one.

BUT SERIOUSLY FOLKS. Both Cruz and Rubio seemed pretty confident that God handed them their caucus results, which I guess was nice of Him. After all, Glenn Beck did warn that if Trump became president, God would literally destroy us.

In the even more awful real world, Boko Haram carry out a will-to-live revoking 4-hour onslaught on the village of Dalori in Nigeria, devastating the people there with firebombs, bullets, and suicide bombers. 86 people were killed, including children burned alive in their huts. Perhaps God could have taken a break from delivering caucus votes to help these people out.

Pulling back from despair a bit, Point of Inquiry has a fascinating interview with Tim Whitmarsh who has a new book on atheism in ancient Greece. (The New Statesman also reviews the book.)

And this is genuinely cool: Baruch College at the City University of New York has an art exhibit explicitly inspired by Skeptical Inquirer! From the release:

The magazine, Skeptical Inquirer, was founded in 1976 to promote scientific inquiry, examine claims of pseudoscience and science deniers, and investigate extraordinary occurrences. Acting in its spirit, Ellen K. Levy and Patricia Olynyk will exhibit a selection of their artwork in a range of media that confronts disinformation about climate change (Levy) and misguided perceptions of the medicalized body (Olynyk). Their targets include science deniers, ill-advised medical diagnoses and treatments, and misperceptions of the past and of our time. Levy and Olynyk explore the consequences of false reasoning while looking critically at some historical and contemporary scientific practices. 

The Netherlands officially recognizes Pastafarianism as an honest-to-goodness religion.  

73% of Americans seem to think that coaches in public schools should be leading their teams in prayer. You know sometimes it really feels like we’re just getting nowhere.

Pakistan is now exporting what is a kind of University of Phoenix for Islam

Justin Scott struck again, three times in fact, before the caucuses, talking to BushPaul, and Kasich

I think Ann Telnaes really gets Ted Cruz.

“It is evil, it’s wicked, it’s sinful and they want us to swallow it.” – the old guy from Duck Dynasty, stumping for Cruz, on same-sex marriage supporters, which he vows to “rid the earth” of.  

“I’ll have a seizure if I see a cross!” – secularists, according to Ben Carson.

Trump puts cash in a Communion plate. This is being reported as an error, but it seems to me it’s just efficient. 

Quote of the Day:

Albert Brooks, last night:

When you google “how many jews in Iowa? ” it says  “tonight, or normally?” 

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