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February 5, 2018


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Bob Smietana says Tom Brady, who I understand is a famous sports athlete, has become a sort of religious figure in a Chopra-Paltrow kind of way. Boston journalist Bob Ryan says, “[Brady’s] trying to sell us a bill of good. It’s cultlike. … And it looks like that’s going to be his life after football.”

The Church of Scientology runs a Super Bowl ad encouraging folks to Google them, which seems like a HUGE MISTAKE if you ask me. At the end, it points folks specifically toward the Scientology website, but YOU ALREADY TOLD US TO SEARCH. I expect Leah Remini’s ratings to go up.

Ann Coulter (I know, who cares) tweets congratulations to Eagles quarterback Nick Foles, “Christian!” she makes sure to note. Seth Mandel tweets:

Finally! After all those years of Jewish quarterback dominance! 

Iranian journalist Masih Alinejad says of the fight in the Islamic world over head scarves:

We are not fighting against a piece of cloth. We are fighting for our dignity. If you can’t choose what to put on your head, they won’t let you be in charge of what is in your head, either.

The latest episode of CFI’s Reasonable Talk has a presentation from Joe Schwarcz, delivering what I think was my favorite presentation at CSICon 2018.

That hardline right-winger in Germany who converted to Islam? He says he did so because Christianity is too lenient on gays.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, writing for the Hoover Institution, looks back at last year’s de-platforming of Richard Dawkins by KPFA, and worries for “the closing of the Western mind.” She says that by today’s standards, folks like Winston Churchill and Kemal Ataturk would be disinvited from everything. 

William London notes that the City of Hope cancer center has pulled back on marketing itself as providing “miracles” after his public criticism. But they haven’t abandoned the word completely.

This year, more than 60 scientists and experts in scientific fields are running for federal office (House and Senate), at least 200 in state legislatures, and another 200 are running for school boards. Can’t win if we don’t run, folks.

Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gives the kind of defense of progressivism and secularism one could only dream of from an American national leader. He flat-out says religious groups trying to “roll back the clock” on women’s and LGBTQ rights “is wrong.” Be still my beating heart, he’s giving me the vapors.

David Gorski writes about how the anti-vax crowd uses unfounded claims of “death by Gardasil” to scare people away from vaccines.

Flu vaccines aren’t as effective this year, however, and it has to do with how the eggs the viruses are grown in screw up the process. 

Last Sunday, the Southeast Texas Atheists Helping the Homeless joined with the Northpoint Community Church to help local people in need

So the GOP is about to nominate an actual Hitler-sympathizing Holocaust denier for a U.S. House seat from Illinois, as Arthur Jones is running unopposed. But wait, is he really a Holocaust denier? Come on.

To me, the Holocaust is what I said it is: It’s an international extortion racket.

Oh, okay, yes, he definitely us. 

Abby Norman, a preacher, recounts:

Man noticing my collar:  Are you a preacher?

Me: Yes

Man: I don’t believe in women preachers

Me: I am literally standing right here so…. 

Bridge troll Pat Robertson suffered a stroke on Friday, but is recovering now after feeding on a passing goat.

Quote of the Day

Chris Richards at The Post on Justin Timberlake’s Superb Owl performance

Prince didn’t die for Justin Timberlake, and he certainly didn’t die for this.

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