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February 6, 2018


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When Trump does something, world leaders follow his example…the bad ones, anyway. Guess what two words world leaders lever said before 2017, but now use all the time. They rhyme with “snake chews.” 

Today, Elon Musk will send one of his Tesla cars into orbit around Mars I guess because he can and really what else is there to do with all that money I sure can’t think of anything.

Humans actually living ON Mars is a different thing (duh), and Abigail Beall at Wired says in order for that to happen, humans might need some genetic modification to endure Martian radiation. To paraphrase Carl Sagan, “The GMOs…would be us.” 

A University of New Brunswick study shows, according to Ross Pomeroy, that “atheists and nonreligious persons did not differ statistically from believers in feelings of nihilism or fatalism. Moreover, atheists were far more likely than religious people to believe that meaning in life is endogenous – it is self-produced.” 

Op-edding at the Chicago Tribune, Jerry Coyne opposes the proposed de-platforming of Steve Bannon at a University of Chicago debate. Coyne writes, “The words ‘I favor free speech’ should never be followed by ‘but.'” Let me add, however, that those words should often be followed by “butt.” 

The 2018 midterms will be a lot less funny, as Michele Bachmann declines to run for the U.S. Senate. (Go and listen to the Candidate Confessional podcast episode with her about her 2007/8 presidential run. She’s incredibly charming, actually, even though you know all the crazy is right there.)

Joe Nickell recounts the tale of Mercy Lena Brown, who in 1892 died of what was probably tuberculosis, but at the time was thought to be vampirism. You’d think that by 1892 they’d have known better.

Richard Hempstead at the Las Cruces Sun-News sings the praises of the secular worldview (and CSICon as well, which he keeps calling “CSI-CON” but I forgive him). 

A guy who Newsweek called “Turkey’s most notorious sex-cult leader” (wow!), an Islamic creationist who’s usually in the good graces of conservative Islamic leaders, is dissed by the Turkish government. 

[Adnan] Oktar is a controversial televangelist whose show mixes theological discussions with visits from attractive young female devotees called “kittens.” The kittens call Oktar “master” and sometimes hold their own discussions about why the theory of evolution is fallacious.

At The Rapidian, a bunch of clergy-types tell us whether nice secular humanists can get into heaven. Chortle chortle. 

Republican State Senator Ann Rivers of Washington wants to put Bigfoot on the state’s license plates.

Neanderthals were no dummies, and new finds show that they were using fire to shape wooden tools as far back as 171,000 years ago.

Nashville Democratic mayor Megan Barry had been “accused” of being an atheist. Now that she’s been caught in an affair, she says, “I know that God’s going to forgive me, but the citizens of Nashville don’t have to.” 

David Bowie’s keyboardist says Bowie was told by a psychic in the 70s exactly when he would die, and if you can’t trust a keyboardist who talked to a rock star who talked to a psychic over 40 years ago, I don’t who you can trust.

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