We’re Moving Backwards

March 10, 2015


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On a brand new Point of Inquiry podcast, Josh Zepps talks to foreign policy journalist Eli Lake about the difficult topic of Islam and violent extremism. 

Check in on all the activity of CFI-On Campus with the latest Campus Inquirer

Sam Harris interviews Dr. Nina L. Shapiro, a pediatric otolaryngologist (which I had to look up to know that that means “ear and throat doctor”), about the anti-vaccine movement and why so many people are afraid of them.

At Skeptical Inquirer, Rebecca Watson wonders if the recent moves to nix religious exemptions for vaccines will only cause more resistance.

Here’s more anti-vaxxer fun (sadness?) at Wonkette from Fare la Volpe, with a little paleo-diet-cancer-cure mixed in. 

This is almost silly. The Dalai Lama says he might not reincarnate if Tibet is not free, and Chinese officials get really angry about it, more or less yelling, “Shut up yeah you will!”

This is an unfortunate piece at US News in which the author complains that alt-med is too expensive, and advises the reader as to how to urge their insurance companies to cover it. 

Physician-assisted dying is being considered by more state legislatures.    

North Carolina Sheriff Danny Millsaps, on a universal struggle: “I cannot let one sex offender go to church and not let all registered sex offenders go to church.” We’ve all been there, sheriff.

Simpsons co-creator and somewhat under-the-radar atheist philanthropist Sam Simon dies at 59.

I’m just gonna leave this here.

Quote of the Day  

John Skylar at Mashable says, no, in fact, you do not actually “f*cking love science”:

If you loved science, you’d vote based on candidates who want to increase funding for it. You’d make it an issue that actually generates media debate, that sees equal time with the wars we fight and the bills we pay our aging workforce. These other things are priorities, too. But if you think science comes after these things, you’re dead wrong: Science is the reason we’ve gotten so damned good at these things. If you really love science […] you’ll start asking why the U.S. is shooting itself—and the world—in the foot by putting science on the back burner. We can spend as much as we want on other things, but in the end, if we’re not funding science, we’re moving backwards.

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