You Are Just Begging To Be Lied To

March 12, 2015


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We have a great guest post at the Free Thinking blog from Jahed Ahmed, a good friend of Avijit Roy and co-founder of their website Mukto-Mona. Jahed reflects on the powerful legacy of his friend:

So, what’s Avijit’s most important legacy? I cannot help pondering. In my opinion, it is that he transformed many minds, both young and adult, toward freedom, toward the courage to question convention, authority, tradition the “sacred” — toward a world free from all kinds of shackles and superstitions.

Human rights activist Mohammed al-Bajadi, founder of the Association for Civil and Political Rights, is sentenced by Saudi Arabia to 10 years in prison for, as the Guardian reports, “acquiring banned books, organising a protest by the families of prisoners and publishing material that ‘would prejudice public order.'”

Oklahoma’s House of Representatives passes a bill to abolish marriage licenses, leaving marriage entirely in the hands of churches, in order to stop same-sex marriages from happening in the state. Smacks of desperation, don’t you think?

Louisiana governor and former(?) amateur exorcist Bobby Jindal says that America’s greatest threat is “a trend toward secularization.” Yeah okay.

NYT hosts a “Room for Debate” feature on religious exemptions to medical care for childrenRita Swan is among the participants. 

Ex-Muslims of North America do a Reddit AMA, and Hemant has highlights

The Cassini mission finds evidence of hydrothermal activity beneath the surface of Saturn’s moon Enceladus, meaning under all that ice there’s heated water and minerals. And where there’s heated water and minerals, well… 

119 measles cases are documented in a single Montreal community. 

CFI-Michigan announces its 2015 Secular Summer Retreat, July 10-12. 

Texas State Representative Jonathan Stickland would like you to know that he is a former fetus

CNN’s giving Reza Aslan his own show. GREAT. 

Quote of the Day  

With a hat tip to Ara Wagoner, I am reminded of an old West Wing clip where the Republican presidential nominee makes a case for secularism. It is a fantasy show. Alan Alda as Arnold Vinick says: 

If you demand expressions of religious faith from politicians, then you are just begging to be lied to. They won’t all lie to you, but a lot of them will. And it’ll be the easiest lie they ever had to tell to get your votes. 

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