Interbreeding and Whatnot

March 18, 2016


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The Openly Secular campaign released its latest celebrity video, with rapper Killah Priest, interviewed by Mandisa Thomas. 

The Baptist Standard takes note of CFI’s role in calling upon the State Department to label ISIS crimes as “genocide.” 

Jim Underdown of CFI–Los Angeles is back on KX 93.5’s The Sharin’ Hour, talking about noncontroversial subjects like religion.

And Tom Flynn, chief of CFI’s Council for Secular Humanism, is the guest on the Jay N. Forrest Show, talking nonreligion and (non)spirituality. 

Unsurprisingly, Alabama’s board of education is not yet willing to drop a disclaimer in its public school science texts that demotes evolution to “a controversial theory some scientists present” as opposed to, you know, true.

Indonesia’s Institute for Policy Research and Advocacy call for the Electronic Information and Transaction law to have its blasphemy provisions scrapped, and sites a case very close to our hearts, that of Alexander Aan:

He is suspected of spreading blasphemy because he publicly declared himself an atheist. That is part of his faith and his manifestation where he should be respected since they are his beliefs.    

Former Scientologist Chris Shelton has an exploration of Scientology’s personality test/recruitment scheme, the Oxford Capacity Analysis, at The Critical Thinking at Large video series. 

I don’t know what is happening. Hemant Mehta, yes the Friendly Atheist, writes an article for Cosmopolitan on being a new daddy. Here’s the one that is true for me more than anything: “I don’t trust anyone.”

Michael E. Miller at WaPo does some thorough reporting on the death of little Ezekiel, who died of meningitis because his “naturopath” parents refused to give him real medical treatment, and are now on trial.

Ted Cruz picks anti-Muslim zealot Frank Gaffney to be his chief foreign policy adviser. Eric Levitz at NY Mag points out that Gaffney believes:

1. Saddam Hussein was behind the Oklahoma City bombing.

2. Obama incorporated the Islamic crescent into the logo of a new missile-defense group.

3. By appointing a Muslim-American to New Jersey’s state judiciary, Chris Christie may be complicit in treason. 

Why does God keep backing losing candidates? Doesn’t he read Nate Silver? 

Looks like all manner of prehistoric humans were mixin’ it up with each other, all interbreeding and whatnot.  

The mysterious prehistoric “Tully monster” is now better understood to be a kind of Permian-age lamprey-with-eyes, and not, I repeat not, the Loch Ness Monster. 

The Tri-State Freethinkers are raising funds to put up a billboard mocking Ken Ham’s “Ark Encounter” park, calling it “The Genocide and Incest Park.” 

India’s Prime Minister Modi says that the country has “space” for nonbelievers. Well it is a very big country, but also rather crowded.

Standing desks will save you from death-by-sitting! Oh wait no, there’s no evidence at all for that. We’re doomed.

Quote of the Day: 

The persecution of Alexander Aan is at the center of this piece at The Catholic Herald of the UK about how Islamist attacks are helping atheists and Catholics find common ground:

The chilling fact remains that Islamists are persecuting Christians and atheists alike, sometimes in the most brutal and barbaric of ways. If Pope Francis was to place solidarity with atheists at the heart of his message for the Year of Mercy, this would send a clear signal that the Catholic Church is committed to defending the dignity of all human beings, Catholic or not. The witness of Catholics such as Benedict Rogers shows that the burden of defending freedom of belief must extend to non-believers too. This burden is much better shared.

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