Be Few and Live Apart

March 31, 2017


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Benjamin Radford is on the Kojo Nnamdi Show discussing the misinformation swirling around DC’s missing girls. 

Michael Bloomberg wants to make clear that Trump’s rollback of Obama’s climate policies won’t necessarily mean the U.S. will blow the Paris Climate Agreements:

Those who believe that the Trump administration will end American leadership on climate change are making the same mistake as those who believe that it will put coal miners back to work: overestimating Washington’s ability to influence energy markets, and underestimating the role that cities, states, businesses and consumers are playing in driving down emissions on their own. …

… There is a real danger in failing to recognize the tremendous progress we’re making. Claims that the United States will no longer be able to meet its Paris obligations give other countries an excuse to walk away from theirs. How terrible it would be if a misunderstanding of American climate leadership — which is not based in Washington and never has been — led to an unraveling of the Paris agreement.

Andy Norman follows up his Free Inquiry piece on “mattering” with new thoughts and big predictions:

A science of right and wrong is on our doorstep. In fact, the concept of mattering brings it within reach. Our notion of science will likely prove elastic enough to subsume ethics, and some day we will speak without apology of normative sciences.  

Mike Pence won’t allow himself to be alone with any woman who isn’t his wife, and Emma Green at The Atlantic looks at how reactions to this information illustrate a big divide between the secular-progressive and religious-conservative.

The North Carolina “bathroom bill” has died, and in its place is a bill that bans local governments from passing anything that protects LGBTQ folks.  

I can’t believe I never thought of this question myself. A reader asks Ben Radford in Skeptical Inquirer: “Why do ghost hunters look for ghosts at night with the lights off?” 

Kavin Senapathy calls out what she describes as the “rampant sexism” of the anti-GMO crowd, pointing out how they condescend to women and exploit insecurities about motherhood. 

Actually, you can’t just buy the web histories of Members of Congress, fun as that would be. 

This looks cool: “The Universe in Verse: A Celebration of Science through Poetry” – an event with lots of impressive names including Amanda Palmer, Rosanne Cash, and Jad Abumrad. 

CFI co-sponsored an event at the UN Human Rights Council, “Facing up to the Global Avalanche of Hate,” and the video is up. 

Vimeo vetoes videos promoting gay-conversion therapy

Hey Tennessee, it’s okay, getting “In God We Trust” on your license plate will now be optional

A reader of The Guardian seeks help convincing their alt-med-loving partner to accept vaccines

A New Jersey rabbi is indicted for laundering $630,000 from a school he runs for children with developmental disabilities. 

Here’s something you don’t hear every day: Police in Toronto charge a fake psychic with pretending to practice witchcraft

A petition in India asks for the ability to classify oneself as “Non Religious and No caste.” 

Apparently having the blue checkmark of Twitter verification, according to the alt-right/Breitbart types, is a sign you’re a cuck liberal. 

Quote of the Day:

I recently came upon some Robinson Jeffers poetry that blew my mind. Here’s a bit:

It would be better for men

To be few and live apart, where none could infect another; then slowly the sanity of field and mountain

And the cold ocean and glittering stars might enter their minds.

* * * 

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