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April 13, 2015


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We’ve got more people to kick around for the 2016 presidential race. Hillary Clinton announced yesterday with a pretty smart video, and RNS has some tidbits on her relationship with religion. Marco Rubio is probably announcing later today, and RNS has a tip sheet on how his faith contains multitides: Catholic, Mormon, Baptist, and who knows what else. 

We’ve also got Republican-turned-independent-turned-Democrat Lincoln Chafee, who Philip Eil I think unfairly calls the “weirdest” candidate (I assume he’s aware of Ted “Three Toddlers Stacked” Cruz). I’d just say he’s one of the less charasmatic. Anyway, he’s good on church-state separation stuff.

Ohio State Rep. Ron Maag introduced a bill to allow anyone with the power to solemnize a marriage, be they clergy or government official, to be able to refuse to perform their duty if they have a religious objection. Man, I really missed the boat with this whole religion thing. I could be objecting to all sorts of things I don’t want to do. Ah well, next life I guess.

Former Canadian defense minister Paul Hellyer says humanity can’t deal with global warming until it adopts extraterrestrials’ technology and ends a secret cabal’s “stranglehold” on the world’s banks. 

Gallup survey shows the UK as one of the least religious nations on Earth, behind only China, Japan, Sweden, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, and Hong Kong. 

Greece’s prime minister, the openly-atheist Alexis Tsipras, meets Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church. Awkward. 

Stuart Vyse at Skeptical Inquirer looks at another problem in Indiana that has nothing to do with RFRA, an HIV emergency that could have been prevented with a needle exchange program.

The Robert Green Ingersoll Birthplace Museum got some professional photos of its interior done, and Tom Flynn says they’re “snazzy.” 

Native Hawaiians are trying to stop the construction of a huge telescope because it’s being built where a bunch of deities are supposed to hang out.

The Left Behind movie sequel is going the crowdfunding route. What, prayerfunding won’t do it? (Would the website be called “Kneelstarter”?) 

What’s the truth behind near-death experiences? Listen to your heart:

A new study from the University of Michigan Medical School shows how the brain sends signals to the heart in the moments before death. It is this flurry of mental activity that is key to cardiac demise, the researchers say, and quite probably the foundation of near-death experiences as well. 

A Tibetan nun self-immolates to protest Chinese rule. 

This fellow is about to undergo what could be the first successful head transplant. Isn’t it really more of a body transplant?  

Irresponsible Lede of the Day: “Homeopathic medicine made from venom of rattlesnake can arrest spread of HIV, researchers said at a World Homeopathy Summit here today.” 

Letter to the editor in the Statesman Journal uses EVIDENCE to cut secular humanism down to size:

Humanism is replacing the worship of Deity with the worship of men and women who excel in sports and entertainment. This is evidenced by the numbers of people viewing weekend sports in contrast to the numbers worshiping Deity and learning behavioral principles. More resources are spent building sports arenas than sanctuaries of worship.

You can’t argue with the evidence. All hail sportsball!

300 million-year-old screw was made by aliens! 

Quote of the Day:

Today’s QOTD is a headline from Haaretz

Men more likely than women to time-travel and kill Hitler, study shows  

No word on how many answered in the affirmative to “I could beat Mike Tyson” or “I could have fixed that tire myself.” 

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