Bad Climatologists

April 13, 2017


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Dina Ali Lasloom of Saudi Arabia was reportedly detained at an airport in the Philippines as she was attempting to seek asylum in Australia. In a video, she says, “If my family comes they will kill me, if I go back to Saudi Arabia I will be dead.” 

Anti-gay pastor Kenneth Adkins is found guilty of eight charges of child molestation perpetrated against a teenage boy and girl at his church. 

Marvel Comics fires an artist who drops a coded message into an X-Men comic meant to attack the Jakarta governor on trial for blasphemy in Indonesia.

GLAAD calls on UN Ambassador Nikki Haley to condemn the Chechen government for the mass detainment of LGBTQ men and women in “concentration camp-style prisons.”

If you’re in Ohio, tell your legislators to support the CFI-backed Secular Celebrant bill

After delivering his secular invocation to the Iowa statehouse, Justin Scott compares the atheist movement to LGBT activism in the 70s, prophesying “a tidal wave of atheism and secularism.”

A bill in North Carolina (of course) seeks to invalidate all same-sex marriages because the Obergefell decision “exceeds the authority of the Court relative to the decree of Almighty God.” Hey, I get it. Actual governing is hard. Way easier just to do everything you can to stick it to an out-group.

EPA administrator/destructor Scott Pruitt wants a lot of money for a lot of personal security, I guess because of all the gangs of hyper-violent climatologists wielding sharpened hockey sticks. 

On his podcast, Ezra Klein interviews G. Willow Wilson, author of The Butterfly Mosque and the Ms. Marvel comic, about issues involving religious belief. 

Pat Robertson claims that male college students “[have] got to apologize for being masculine; they have to apologize for being white; they got to apologize for being males.” I’m going to go out on a limb and bet that this has maybe never actually happened, ever. 

A big discovery about King Solomon’s Temple? Donkey poop! No, really. Donkey poop.

Quote of the Day:

Some of the big network anchors do a panel interview at Hollywood Reporter, and when asked what the biggest challenge is right now, George Stephanopoulos says:

The fact that so few people believe us. That they’re looking for narratives that reinforce their beliefs rather than challenge them. … I’m not sure there always are two sides to every story. I think that is actually one of the challenges we’re dealing with right now. How do you contend with a situation where we know there is a true [side] and we know that there is a false one? … At what point, when the White House, a member of Congress, a senator, refuses to accept reality, at what point do you say, “You’re not allowed to come on anymore”? It’s not serving our viewers to allow people to come on and say things that are not true. We’re all dealing with it. We put them on, we challenge them, but then you’re also facing the question of: Is this really helping people by allowing falsehoods to propagate?

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