Unpalatable Conclusions

April 16, 2015

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Canada’s Supreme Court shows up their U.S. counterpart by ruling against prayer at government assemblies

At The Week, Peter Weber looks to an America 35 years from now in which the unaffiliated make up one quarter of the population. 

The oldest tools ever discovered are found in Kenya, dating back 3.3 million years — 700,000 years earlier than the previous oldest-known tools. 

Mom who protested her kid’s school having visits from “Bible Man” gets threats against her and her son, because Jesus. 

Speaking of threats, here’s some of what the Atheism Association of Turkey has to put up with:

“Sometimes they send photos of some al-Qaida members chopping people off heads and putting all the heads in a bucket,” he says. “They tell us your head is going to be in one of the buckets, that’s how you are going to leave your office, stuff like that.” 

And Egypt’s Ministry of Religious Endowments will start “spreading awareness on the threats of atheism.” 

Pope Francis says he will pray for the family of blasphemy-accused Asia Bibi

I’m a little late posting the press release for the latest Skeptical Inquirer, which really has some great stuff on medical misinformation, things that really surprised me such as China’s traditional-medicine lobbying at the World Health Organization.

Mark Strauss at Slate examines the problem creationists have with the prospect of alien life:

The discovery of extraterrestrial organisms would confront them with two unpalatable conclusions—that evolution is the driving force behind life, and that God has plans that don’t necessarily include us. 

Joseph Stromberg at Vox says Myers-Briggs is bunk

Also bunk, Morgellons. Stassa Edwards at Jezebel looks at the history of a nonexistent disease. 

Alex Nelson at the CFI On Campus blog looks at the facts and myths surrounding chiropractics and naturopathy.

Ken Ham wants another round with Bill Nye. Also news: Nye and Ham exchanged Christmas gifts. Aw. 

The Tennessee House approves that dumb Bible-as-official-state-book bill, even though the governor probably won’t sign it.

Malaysian cartoonist “Zunar” has been charged with sedition for his work and could be in prison for 43 years, but seems undaunted

For me talent is not a gift, it’s a responsibility. In facing a crisis you need to make a stand. 

FINALLY IT CAN BE TOLD: Your knuckles crack because of a bubble formed in joint fluid. 

Bill O’Reilly, when you’ve lost John Stossel

Quote of the Day:

Samar Badawi, sister of Raif, writes a heartbreaking letter to her imprisoned husband, Saudi human rights champion Waleed Abu al-Khair:

My life with him can be described as a wonderful book; resilience is its title, strife and struggle fill its pages, and its conclusion is freedom. [ . . . ]

My last words are to my baby daughter, Joud. Do not feel sad because you were born while your father was behind bars. Be proud instead and hold your head high, for the whole world envies you for the father you have – even if his homeland has turned against him. The future awaits you to continue your father’s struggle so that you make him even more proud than he is now. You will grow up to be a role model yourself, soon to become known as Joud the free, Joud the defiant, Joud the resilient: Joud Waleed Abu al-Khair.”

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