Well Played, Lions

April 21, 2015


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Michael De Dora was a guest on NPR’s To the Point with Warren Olney yesterday, discussing the FDA hearings on homeopathy in which he gave testimony. The Washington Examiner notes Michael’s efforts, and The Guardian checks in with CFI-L.A.’s Jim Underdown for comment.

Meanwhile, CFI-Michigan’s Jennifer Beahan weighs in on a controversy over the Bible verse at an Ottawa County park, at The Detroit News.

Do you tend to think of the U.S. Supreme Court as an institution that has historically protected people’s rights and worked toward justice? Think again! Or, you will, once you hear Ian Millhiser, the guest on the latest Point of Inquiry, the best damned podcast on Earth.

This weekend, Secular Organizations for Sobriety celebrates three decades of recovery with its 30th anniversary conference.

CFI’s David Koepsell is down on happiness. “Happiness is the god of a modern cult.” Well good morning to you, too!

New research shows that believers and nonbelievers have “largely similar levels of mental health.” What a relief. 

McDowell County, North Carolina approves “In God We Trust” signs for county buildings, because God and trust and America and Jesus.

In that very same state, judges who resigned rather than perform same-sex marriages are now suing because their religious freedom <cough cough> was infringed. 

David Gorski says the campaign to hurt Dr. Oz’s position at Columbia University is going to backfire:

Miller’s letter, after the initial embarrassment it caused Dr. Oz, is probably now seen by him and his producers as a godsend that gives them the pretext to counterattack and to tar all the physicians—not just Dr. Miller and company, but other bloggers, me, and all the rest of us who have been criticizing Dr. Oz for the last five years over his promotion of quackery and pseudoscience—as being industry shills of some kind and to make it stick in the public mind. 

The pope accepts the resignation of Missouri’s Bishop Robert Finn, who was found guilty of failing to tell police about sexual abuse by the priests under his authority. 

Google’s doodle celebrates 81 years of Loch Ness Monster mythology, and they know it’s really aliens.

Quote of the Day:

Martin Sheen, ushering in the end of the world:

Perhaps humanity’s greatest achievement of all was our total domination of every other species. Nice try, lions. Unless of course we’re all dying because lions evolved and conquered the human race, in which case, well played, lions. 

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