The Sky is What Mattered

April 2, 2013

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CFI chief Ron Lindsay joined a HuffPost Live panel, along with Frank Schaeffer, JT Eberhard and others, to talk about bringing up kids with or without religion. It gets heated, as these things usually do.

Hey neat: Here at the Heresy, we’ve been linking to an ever-growing number of articles about Frans de Waal’s The Bonobo and the Atheist and his distaste for “new atheism.” Well guess who’s on Point of Inquiry this week?? Dennis Rodman!!! No, I’m kidding, it’s Frans de Waal. 

Our Office of Public Policy wants you to tell the White House to get a spine on contraceptive coverage in the health care law.  

CFI-Canada will meet with Canada’s Office of Religious Freedom on Thursday, and seeks fellow Canadians’ input on what message they should deliver.

Robert Blaskiewicz at fills us in on this week’s big conspiracy involving the new pope and those mysterious Jesuits.

Meanwhile, the new pope might let astronomers use St. Peter’s Basilica for stargazing purposes.

Lisa Miller at WaPo writes that is the believers “whose hearts are moved and confused by God” who motivate her interest in the religion beat

The governorship and downfall of Jim McGreevey was a big blot on New Jersey, a state which has had its fair share of blots (and it’s my native state, so there you go). But according to Brian Donohue of the Star Ledger, McGreevey’s conversion from failed hack politician to religious agent of redemption is the real thing

The one guy who is probably most responsible for alerting the world to the crisis of global warming (other than Al Gore), James Hansen, is leaving his post at NASA to engage in more political activism to combat the problem. 

CFI-Okanagan (that’s in the wondrous land of Canada, folks) will protest an event by fake-psychic Sylvia Browne today. 

Rasmussen poll shows that 64% of Americans believe that Jesus rose from the dead. 

Bill O’Reilly “writes” an op-ed about secularism as a big, scary force, yadda yadda, and says (I presume without irony):

Perhaps the lack of response to assaults on Christian tradition can be attributed to the “turn the other cheek” mandate the theology espouses. But more likely, it’s because the Christian community is complacent.  

Yeah, I wish that if Christians were upset about secularism, they’d speak up for once. 

Egyptian cartoonist Dooa Eladl faces blasphemy charges for her work satirizing Islamists and their treatment of women.

Scientists from the University of Padua say the so-called Shroud of Turin may in fact be from the “era of Christ.” Joe Nickell is our Shroudologist

There’s a new petition to get India to drop the blasphemy charges against miracle-debunking skeptic Sanal Edamaruku.

C. Welton Gaddy of the Interfaith Alliance opines against Louisiana’s voucher program

In the Gaza Strip, Hamas will ban men from teaching at girls’ schools and will mandate the separation of the sexes by age 9. 

Vorjack posts a picture of a water fountain that warns “There is NO water in Hell,” to which he responds, “Shows what they know. There are at least five rivers in Hades.” Zing! 

I haven’t checked this out yet, but my attention was directed to a new site which looks to be a clearinghouse of information on atheist spirituality

Coming soon to make skeptics crazy: The Mayo Clinic Book of Alternative Medicine, 2nd Edition

Blah, blah, blah, Cody Hashman’s Music Monday post and LOOK! It’s Cody in a garage full of mattresses and boys yelling!  

Quote of the Day 

Neil deGrasse Tyson on how Van Gogh’s Starry Night helped bring us to explore space:

I submit to you that science, scientific discovery, especially cosmic discovery, does not become mainstream until the artists embrace the fruits of those discoveries. So I applaud Vincent van Gogh for thinking that the sky is what mattered more than anything in the foreground for this painting.

Also, dig that crazy shirt. That man has no fear. 

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