It May Be Legal, But it Ain’t Right

April 2, 2015

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Arkansas passes its own Indiana-style right-to-discriminate bill, but GOP governor Asa Hutchinson refuses to sign, thanks it part to pressure from businesses like Wal-Mart, and even NASCAR. Whoa, NASCAR? Even God is surprised by that one:

“NASCAR Decries Indiana Anti-Gay Law”. And when NASCAR calls you homophobic, you are homo-friggin’-phobic. 

David Letterman, a native Hoosier, can’t even believe how backward the RFRA law is. “It may be legal, but it ain’t right.” 

Our own Tom Flynn eviscerates these RFRA measures:

They represent a harvest of church-state entanglement and unfair privileging of religion—a harvest that was sown in the early 1990s, when a misguided coalition of politicos who should have known better rushed to pass an invalid law, the original RFRA.

George Neumayr at American Spectator whines:

Any meaningful concept of religious freedom within public life continues to shrivel under the mau-mauing of the cultural left. It appears that Indiana’s attempt to protect religious freedom will now occasion a hapless diminution of it, as cowed Republican politicians seek to appease secularist bullies by amending the new law to their satisfaction.


And our own Michael De Dora will take part in a symposium on religious freedom and foreign policy at the Newseum on April 16. 

Arizona passes a completely crazy law that requires doctors to tell women that drug-induced abortions are reversible and prohibit women from seeking health care plans that include abortion coverage. Why don’t they just outlaw use of all the letters in the word “abortion” while they’re at it?

Trevor Noah just doesn’t like atheists. He just doesn’t.  

Apparently, neither does atheist and alleged plagiarist CJ Werleman. I’m sorry, just “new” atheists.  

Madison, Wisconsin is the first city in the U.S. to explicitly prohibit discrimination against atheists.

In Bangladesh, four men are charged with the murder of atheist blogger Washiqur Rahman

It’s an Ayaan Hirsi Ali op-ed-nado! Now she’s in Timewarning against the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in the U.S. 

Maine’s South Portland High School makes the Pledge of Allegiance officially optional

Thailand sentences a guy to 25 years in prison for allegedly “defaming” the monarchy on Facebook. You’d think Zuckerberg might step in here.

Pastor Robert Jeffress: 3000 people died on 9/11 because abortion

Thom Scott-Phillips looks at various studies on why no amount of reality can shake anti-vaxxers of their wrongness

Brian Pellot has a really big religious freedom recap for March.  

Taking a trip into space? Here, let me slap you in the face with this cross

Francesca Fiorentini at Al Jazeera goes for a Scientology audit. I’m scared.

Anti-quote of the Day

Sen. Tom Cotton, defending the Indiana law:

I think it’s important we have a sense of perspective. In Iran they hang you for the crime of being gay.

I presume there are people who consciously voted for this guy, which is amazing. 

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