Sporadic Bursts of Happiness and Misery

April 9, 2015


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It’s April 9 and it’s snowing here in Maine. Not only is global warming a hoax, but aliens are also controlling the lizard people in the White House who engineered 9/11 and have duped us all about it through the use of chemtrails.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is found guilty of the Boston Marathon bombing.

In Malawi the police have been given orders to shoot anyone attacking albinos. Why are people attacking albinos? Glad you asked. Their body parts are used in black magic, you see. Also, the year is apparently 600 AD in Malawi.

Here’s a headline I just made up: Former Exorcist Entertains Reality Show Personality as Vice President. The actual synonymous headline is “Bobby Jindal Says Duck Dynasty Star Willie Robertson Would Be a ‘Great Running Mate’.”

The Obama administration officially backs a national ban on pseudoscientific gay-conversion therapy.

Our legal director Nick Little looks at the battles over RFRA/right-to-discriminate laws in the broader context, and what could happen in the upcoming SCOTUS case over same-sex marriage rights:

I guarantee that Justice Scalia, in oral arguments, will ask the lawyers for marriage equality how they can credibly claim gays and lesbians are powerless when organizations as diverse as Walmart and Angie’s List, and NASCAR and AFSCME moved so quickly to encourage Indiana to rethink.

If you want to lend a hand to the side that doesn’t want same-sex marriage rights (you’re reading the wrong blog, by the way), the Southern Baptist Convention has some sample prayers you can use to sway the justices. I’m sure they’ll help.

NASA chief scientist Ellen Stofan says we’ll find definitive evidence of extraterrestrial life within 20 years. Wow.

Sarah Posner considers the, well, unorthodox path Rand Paul must walk to the GOP nomination when it comes to the religious-conservative constituency.

Of all the religions that lean toward the GOP, it’s Mormons that lean the most.

Ben Radford writes about how the regulation of homeopathic products in Canada could backfire, giving homeopathy “the Canadian government’s endorsement of legitimacy.”

At Skeptical Inquirer, Robert Sheaffer takes a fresh look at the Trent UFO photos captured in 1950.

Hemant Mehta posts an excerpt from what sounds like an interesting new book from Peter Manseau, One Nation, Under Gods:

[An] assessment of the United States at its inception would often prove less accurate of the country it would become. Yet any discussion of the religious influences on the nation’s earliest history should remember that doubt, too, has been here from the beginning.

Olga Khazan writes about some of the weird superstitions around birthmarks and pregnancy food cravings.

Greek atheists protests their government’s funding of the transport of a ‘holy flame’ from Israel to Greece. More notable to me is that Newsweek cared enough about what Greek atheists think to write this story.

An airplane pilot, notable for having flown Obama’s campaign plane, says he saw UFOs, like for reals, a couple of decades ago. Okay, great.

The Chopra, it burns.

Quote of the Day:

I’ve never heard of the band Nightwish, but that means nothing because I don’t know who Drake is either, and apparently he or she is huge. Anyway, Nightwish has a pretty good video about fairy tales and religion and doubt for Openly Secular:

Through living with such denial, it’s inevitable that we should end up swinging between such sporadic bursts of happiness and misery and self-pity. … Doubt and self-investigation are the tied bedsheets out of that dark prison.

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