Funny…The One True God
August 11, 2020

I guess what I am asking, in this justifiably sensitive world, is that people consider the source when deciding whether it’s ok to laugh at something. It really does matter who’s making the joke. Yes, there’s a lot of shit that needs correcting in this country, and we shouldn’t let up for a moment in working toward a better world. But not everyone who tries to make a joke is a bad person, and no one is funny every time. That’s just a fact.

Dangerous Advice
August 11, 2020

The same old horrors keep coming back. In Nigeria, a 22-year-old singer Yahaya Sharif-Aminu is sentenced to death for blasphemy over a song he wrote. “Mr Sharif-Aminu did not deny the charges.” Jane Donnelly of Atheist Ireland at the Irish Times: It’s time to scrap all religious oaths in state activities. Hey, what if the …

Another Week, (Yet) Another Trump Conspiracy
August 11, 2020

President Trump has long been known to peddle unfounded conspiracies, and has done so for years.  Most recently Trump has revived years-old, long-debunked claims about widespread voter fraud, especially by mail. There is no evidence at all that voter fraud is significant, much less rampant, but nevertheless Trump succeeds in sowing uncertainty about the validity …

The Totalitarian Nature of Islam
August 11, 2020

Presented is an extensive look into Islam, democracy, and human rights from Ibn Warraq’s book, Why I Am Not a Muslim published in 2003.Secular Islam was a collaboration between Ibn Warraq and the Center for Inquiry started in 2004 to collect the writings, thoughts, and speeches of secular Muslims, Ex-Muslims, believers, doubters, and unbelievers, brought together by …

The Great Oversimplifiers
August 10, 2020

Pew Research shows that the vast majority of Americans say churches should follow the same COVID-19 rules as everyone else. 79 percent. This isn’t the hotly-contested, divisive issue the religious right wants us to think it is. Pastors are still defying court orders against indoor gatherings, people are crowding into South Dakota for a motorcycle …

No Religion! No Anything!
August 7, 2020

CFI is leading a coalition of major secular-freethought organizations pushing Congress to keep the next round of pandemic relief funds from benefiting sectarian religious schools, and keeping the focus—and the funding—on public education. President Trump said Joe Biden will “Take away your guns, destroy your second amendment, no religion, no anything. Hurt the bible, hurt …

Closed and Dead
August 6, 2020

If anyone ever asks, “Hey what’s your problem with the Supreme Court’s decisions on religion?” (and I assume you get asked that all the time), just point them to this piece by Marci A. Hamilton at Verdict: “Essentially, the conservative members of the Court have built a functional and operational establishment.” Shelly Inglis of the …

Canadian Info Ninjas
August 5, 2020

Help us out here. New Jersey’s legislature is considering another one of those let’s-make-naturopaths-like-real-doctors bills, and we need to stop it. If you live in New Jersey, hop over to our action alert and make some noise. Share the alert with your tough-as-nails New Jersey friends if you don’t live there. Yes, I’m from New …

Warp Speed Bucket
August 4, 2020

Here’s an example of what’s great about skepticism and the science-based mindset: The ability to admit when we’re wrong and then even explain how we were wrong. Steven Salzberg at Forbes recants his piece from just a few days ago in which he urged rushing trial vaccines: I was wrong. After reading many of the …

An Unstable Foundation
August 3, 2020

Even the authors of this study suggest you take it with a grain of salt, but nonetheless: research in Social Psychological and Personality Science shows conservative political ideology correlated to an inability to distinguish real from fake headlines about COVID-19. “Our responses to the threat are strikingly different depending on our political beliefs.” As Joe …