A Cramped Coffin of Orthodoxy

May 13, 2015


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Readers of the Heresy, imma be honest with you. We’re really freaking busy over here at CFI. Yesterday, we were talking a lot about the new Pew survey showing “nones” overtaking Catholics in the U.S., and CNN’s widely-distributed article on the news features some commentary from yours truly (in which I use the terms “cognizant” and “straight-up” in the same sentence, because that’s how I roll). 

Sky News uses Ron Lindsay’s statement as its lead quote. Even better, Ron was a guest for the hour on the Diane Rhem Show today.

(Sarah Posner says we shouldn’t get too excited, because “the unaffiliated lack … a cohesive political identity.”)

Michael De Dora, meanwhile, posts a grim timeline of the attacks on and murders of Bangladeshi freethinkers. UN Ambassador Samantha Power tweets about the latest killing.

I was going to be on CNN International (like, on TV) last night to talk about the Bangladesh situation, but I was bumped (figuratively) by the Nepal earthquake. I hope that’s not the last they’ll do for the Bangladesh story, though. 

This morning, we’re talking about the new bill for Secular Celebrants in Oregon, championed by CFI and its Portland branch, which would allow nonreligious couples to have their marriages solemnized by secular officiants who share their worldview. If you’re an Oregonian, and the dream of the 90s is alive in you, contact your state representative now.

In Singapore, 16-year-old Amos Yee is convicted of obscenity and insulting religious feelings for posting a video critical of the country’s “founder father.” 

The latest issue of Free Inquiry is out, all about the population crisis. I wanted to title the press release “Mo people, mo problems,” but I like this compromise. 

David Koepsell takes a quick look at the difference between “top-down” morality dictated from above, and individual decisions, as in traffic. 

Alan West thinks Sharia came to Walmart

Quote of the Day:

The Guardian‘s editorial on the global crackdown on religious dissent, including Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia:

Like Raif Badawi, imprisoned and flogged in Saudi Arabia, the brave men who have been murdered are guilty of nothing more than honesty and integrity. Those are virtues that fundamentalists and fanatics cannot stand. They should inspire us. The struggle for free speech, for free inquiry and for the liberty of atheism need not be a fight against religion, unless religion is opposed to human dignity. It is a struggle against cowardice and conformism, and against everyone who would crush both truth and imagination into a cramped coffin of orthodoxy. 

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