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May 15, 2015


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The California State Senate easily passes SB 277, which removes most “belief” exemptions from required vaccinations. The Assembly may be a different story.

Yesterday we announced that CFI filed for summary judgment in our lawsuit in Florida to stop the public funding of explicitly religious prison rehabilitation programs (“ministries,” by their own description). It’s kind of a legalese way of saying to the judge, “Come on. I mean, really. Come. On.” 

Ishaan Tharoor at WaPo reminds us that Sweden rejected the visa application of Ananta Bijoy Das, now dead from Islamist attack:

Das was victim to an experience common in the developing world, where visa-seekers — often young men — get defeated by the bureaucratic vagaries and indifference of Western consular officials, many of whom are expected to occasionally reject visa applicants even when there’s nothing technically wrong with their application. 

Friendly Atheist posts an infographic of the timeline of attacks on Bangladeshi secularist bloggers, based on the info provided by our own Michael De Dora

Ben Radford writes at Discovery News on the alleged Roswell alien that turned out to be a mummified boy.

Holy crap, did you know that Indonesia requires its women candidates for the police and military to be subjected to “virginity tests”? Unreal. Rights advocates are trying to end the practice

Erik Larson at The Atlantic critiques the current thinking on AI and the Singularity.

Ross Andersen at Aeon looks at the state of discovery in cosmology, saying its “hot streak has stalled.”

One third of Brits would rather lose a finger than lose Internet access. At my quaint little blog iMortal, I say that this is actually a good thing. Because I hate British fingers. Kidding! 

Quote of the Day:

Have you heard about what the recently-triumphant David Cameron has been saying about free expression? Holy crap, it is some scary business. I’m not crazy about Glenn Greenwald, he’s a few notches above “insufferably messianic” in my book, but he’s got Cameron dead to rights here, pitching an “anti-extremism” bill, and saying stuff like, “For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens ‘as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone.” Getting to the QOTD, Greenwald then talks about the Home Secretary Theresa May’s defense of the bill, according to Greenwald, “repeatedly invoking creepy slogans about the need to stop those who seek to ‘undermine Our British Values’ and, instead, ensure ‘we are together as one society, One Nation.’ Okay, and here’s Greenwald with the Quote of the Day:

I personally believe this was all more lyrical in its original German.

It’s kind of a sub-Godwin, but well executed, I thought. 


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