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May 22, 2018


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Kenny Biddle does a deep dive for into the claims made in the new “documentary” Demon House by Zak Bagans. The claims made about this particular house were already addressed by Joe Nickell in 2014, so Biddle is here to deconstruct the film itself:

Bagans and guests attributed pretty much anything and everything to the alleged demons or “curse” of the house without any good reason. Worse, I saw no actual investigation of paranormal claims; there was ample retelling of experiences and anecdotes, lots of speculation, misinterpretations, and shady editing, but no solid investigating.  

Susan Gerbic, on her tour to recruit for Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia (GSoW), reports from New Mexico, where mysterious cryptids such as Ben Radford and Ken Frazier are said to live.

Emily London at the Center for American Progress purports to show how Scott Pruitt (Destroyer of Worlds) “misuses” religion to further his anti-science and antienvironmental agenda. No fans of Pruitt are we, but our beef with him is not the “misinterpretation” of scripture. “Religion should not be misused to justify harmful attacks on the health of all living beings,” she says, which is true, but you could just as easily remove the “mis-” prefix from “misused,” and the sentence is even better.

Steven Salzberg takes Scientific Reports to task for taking too long to nix the anti-vax paper claiming that the HPV vaccine might cause neurological damage. 

The Michigan Civil Rights Commission votes for the first time to accept complaints of discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

UK radio and TV personality Dale Winton died last month, and to judge by my Google alerts (by which I judge everything), the English are totally floored by this CRAZY notion that he wanted a humanist funeral. Release the explainers!!!

Scientists from New Zealand are going to look for Nessie’s DNA in the waters if Loch Ness because I guess all other science has now been performed and there’s nothing left the learn. 

Pope Francis is worried that Europe is “hemorrhaging” Catholic clergy. That’s gross.

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