We All Just Fall to the Ground Naturally

May 28, 2015


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The Canadian government is keeping a lid on an assessment it did as to whether its arms deal with Saudi Arabia is discordant with its human rights aims. (Let’s get these people playing Saudi Girls Revolution.)

Consensus seems to be that Scott Walker has a genuine shot at this whole president thing. Jud Lounsbury reminds us:

If Walker prevails in the Republican primaries, he will be the first presidential candidate to come from a church whose members believe the Apocalypse is “imminent,” do not allow women to serve on congregational boards of elders, practice “speaking in tongues,” and do not believe someone is a real Christian unless he has been “born again.” 

Uh oh. 

Check this out: John Bohannon reveals how he convinced millions to use chocolate to help them lose weight, to make a point about the media coverage of bad science:

The study was 100 percent authentic. My colleagues and I recruited actual human subjects in Germany. We ran an actual clinical trial, with subjects randomly assigned to different diet regimes. And the statistically significant benefits of chocolate that we reported are based on the actual data. It was, in fact, a fairly typical study for the field of diet research. Which is to say: It was terrible science. The results are meaningless, and the health claims that the media blasted out to millions of people around the world are utterly unfounded. 

Rick Santorum is also in the race again, and cartoonist Ann Telnaes at WaPo has a pretty hard-hitting take on him

André Picard at the Globe and Mail eulogizes Dr. David Sackett, “the father of evidence-based medicine.”

The lone high school in a Colorado school district is the subject of a lawsuit for allegedly “operat[ing] largely to promote the evangelical Christian ideals” of a local church.

While American men still tend to be less religious than women, women are un-churching at a much faster rate

CFI intern Peter Wood considers the wisdom of a video featuring kids in India sounding off on religion

Scientists make a dinosaur-faced chicken in an egg. They’re studying the evolution of beaks, not trying to make Jurassic Park. 

A priest says he was fired for openly expressing support for LGBT rights, and comes out as gay himself.

Sam Speers and Kristopher Norris at Religion & Politics: “What Christians cannot escape is that the church they read about in Scripture is in fact deeply, inherently, and inescapably political.” Yep.

Full-face Muslim veils to be banned in public in the Netherlands

The Planetary Society’s spacecraft just cannot catch a break

Marco Rubio is all worried about Christian dogma being labeled as “hate speech,” and I’m all, if it looks like a duck, familiar quacking sound, etc… 

Quote of the Day:

A satirical (I assume) rant posted to Yahoo Answers, the font of all wisdom:

Gravity is a theory, not a law. It’s just a random guess some “scientists” made one day. You atheist gravitationalists just believe in gravity so you can be free to sin all you want. You deny the theory of intelligent falling because that would actually make you accountable for your actions. But no, believing we all just fall to the ground naturally and that there’s no deity in there at all just allows you to promote your gravitationalist naturalistic dogma that you teach to children so you can live in your sins and deny the one true god! 

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