Nothing Short of an Ice Age Can Stop It

May 31, 2013

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Somehow, Americans United got Jane Lynch and Jordan Peele to sing and pelvic-thrust at each other in the name of secularism. I think the rest of us can all go home now. 

Kyle Hill returns with his “Reductio ad Absurdum” column to explore how the world would work if homeopathy were not complete nonsense:

When homeopathy works, when a pool could “know” precisely who peed in it, current technology like memory-foam has nothing on memory-water. 

Kimberly Winston looks at the uphill battle for inclusion of atheists in the Boy Scouts, the takeaway being that the wider culture needs to shift for nonbelievers as it has for LGBT Americans.  

This is adorable. Pixar animator puts out a book of Hindu deities

Conference on religious freedom (more like religious boosterism) reveals big ideological differences between attendees who are ostensibly there to work for the same cause. Oh, and this gem from Lance B. Wickman of the LDS church:

A new closet is being constructed for those with traditional religious values on sexuality and family.

Hey, don’t worry, Lance. It gets better. 

Brian Switek at Wired mourns over “the rotting carcass of science TV.” 

Tune your brain to the frequency of Ben Radford’s piece on Kevin Trudeau who says you can wish your way to happiness if you only buy his 14-CD set.  

At LiveScience, Ben introduces us to Lake Champlain’s own Loch Ness Monster, “Champ.” 

If you’re a former or questioning Muslim or an ex-Christian student, CFI-NYC has you covered, 

In 1996, a sophomore in college, I waited in line from dawn with three friends to get $20 tickets for the musical Rent, and was thereafter obsessed with the show. One of the stars, Adam Pascal, talks to Chris Johnson about nonbelief, and a message of Rent, “no day but today.” 

Wine runs low in Venezuela, leaving the Catholic Church there in a blood-of-Christ bind.

Olivia James at the On Campus blog lauds a new campaign to make all clinical drug trials available to the public. 

Go get your secular summer retreat on with CFI-Michigan.  

Speaking of retreats, WaPo reports of a retreat for LGBT Muslims and their partners

Cicadas use prime numbers to maximize survival. Mind blown. 

Nigeria’s legislature passes a bill criminalizing not only homosexuality, but advocacy of homosexuals’ rights.  

Rightwing blowhard Erick Erickson says women should be subservient to men because science

Eve Tushnet at The Atlantic struggle’s with the Catholic Church’s anti-gay stance, but refuses to “de-pope” herself, and plans on being celibate. 

Burmese celebrity Ye Delight is arrested for blasphemy for holding a one-man protest at a Rangoon church and wielding a sign reading “I love to kneel down in front of J.C.” 

Myanmar’s army is protecting refugee Muslims chased from their homes in a Buddhist monastery.

Australian National University bans a student newspaper’s satire of Islam

Nigel Barber says secularism will eventually take over the world, noting a 1 percent decline in global religiosity every year. “Nothing short of an ice age can stop it.” 

Study suggests that a secular person’s belief in science may help ease stress and anxiety similarly to the way faith does for the religious. I mean, look how happy that girl with the beaker in the stock photo is! 

9-1-1 caller claims he’d found Bigfoot, police determine it was just a bear. 

Our campus affiliate of the week is the Secular Student Alliance at the University of Michigan 

Lede of the Day:

Arrested for throwing a deadly missile into a building around 1:30 in the morning Wednesday, a homeless man told police he was simply trying to get away from zombies. 

Quote of the Day 

David Colquhoun (hat tip to Sharon) declares the end of acupuncture. 

Acupuncture is an interesting case, because it seems to have achieved greater credibility than other forms of alternative medicine, despite its basis being just as bizarre as all the others. As a consequence, a lot more research has been done on acupuncture than on any other form of alternative medicine, and some of it has been of quite high quality. The outcome of all this research is that acupuncture has no effects that are big enough to be of noticeable benefit to patients, and it is, in all probability, just a theatrical placebo.

After more than 3000 trials, there is no need for yet more. Acupuncture is dead.

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